Monday, November 26, 2007

Wii had a GREAT Thanksgiving!

So first off, we had a wonderful thanksgiving and I hope everyone else’s was just as great! It is crazy all the planning and work that goes into preparing for thanksgiving and the dinner itself only lasts about 20 minutes….but it is worth it!!

Overall I couldn’t have asked for a better thanksgiving! It was so nice having both Terry & my family up to celebrate together. Having all those people in our home just felt nice…crazy...but nice!!!

I also have to mention the AWESOME early Christmas gift T & I got from my family. A Nintendo Wii!!!! YAY! We are so pumped about this gift! T, my sister & I have been playing all weekend (we are all a bit sore in our arms). THANK YOU THANK YOU for this gift M, D & K! I am sure I will be posting more about our Wii and its absolute awesomeness VERY soon!

Highlights from Thanksgiving:
- Having my family up!
- Having all of Terry’s family up!
- The Thanksgiving Parade.
- Got to try a Turducken ~ Very good (though I didn’t try the duck part)
- We had more desserts then regular food for dinner.
- Our Wii!!
- Nana being Nana.
- Terry’s Turkey!
- My dad’s 4 hour gravy – YUM! (did you add corn starch or baking soda?!?!)
- “The mashed potatoes are great….you just need more salt, butter and milk. Oh, you mean ALL the ingredients that make mashed potatoes?!?!”
- Being SO tired.
- Having my sister around to help me with everything! (thanks)
- My pink slippers.
- Needing a shuttle to get people to their cars.
- A wicked game of phase 10.
- Kristen getting applause from everyone for her awesome guitar playing on Guitar Hero 3, on expert level!

- Leftovers!!!

There was so much more, but these were some of my favs! I hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving! Now bring on Christmas!

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  1. I just want to say that I LOVE that your cat has "crazy eyes".