Monday, November 19, 2007

Talk to me....Thanksgiving Edition

Question #3:

Football, games, cards, napping, parade, movies? How do you spend your time on Thanksgiving when you are not eating, cooking or doing the dishes?


  1. Typically my dad watches football and I like to play games with my sister and mom in the afternoon leading up to dinner!!!

    This year we will have our TV turned to HD football (just for dad!!) and I have brought out some games like phase 10! I also feel some euchre this year!

  2. There's always football on the TV and we're in front of it napping or playing cards/games.

  3. morning: parade and xmas tree decorating.

    afternoon: football, talking w/ family

    evening: maybe Trivial Pursuit if we're all up to it after dinner.

  4. Football and games.