Tuesday, November 13, 2007


So I can not remember if I mentioned this last year around the holidays, but I am doing it again!

For those who like to save a little money (and who doesn't) I have a website you HAVE to visit!


This is the Black Friday Ad website (aka the shopping day after thanksgiving)

This site has a bunch of stores and shows you BEFORE regular ads come out to us what will be on sale, how much, if it is early bird, ratings of the product, if there are rebates and could even have pictures!

If you go and sign up (put your email in) it will email you ads! Also, this isn't JUST for the day after Thanksgiving, they are already showing where to get stuff now!


  1. I signed up for this yesterday, based on your recommendation. So far, I got nuthin'. They email me stuff right? Or am I supposed to be doing something?

  2. Ok...once you go to the site and sign up for their mailing list you should receive an email that is labeled BFads webmaster. Mine was in my junk folder. You go to the link in that email and it activates your email address!

    Once you do that you are automatically on their list every time they send out new ads..I have gotten some the past couple days!!!

    I have already gotten some ads, like stuff for Best Buy and Circuit City!

    With this website you can also just view the ads they have there.

    Let me know if that step works!

  3. P.S. I was looking back in my past emails and after you activate your account you will receive another email that is a confirmation!