Monday, November 12, 2007

Talk to Me...

Do you use liquid eyeliner? I love the dramatic look of liquid eyeliner but every time I attempt to use it my eyes look like a black mess! I look like something I would go as at Halloween!

I have just been using a powder eyeliner, which is great during the day but I would also like something that just gives the eyes a little more something something at times!! Oh, it also has to be easy to use...I just don't seem to be that coordinated when it comes to putting on make-up!

I have also tried the pencils, but they just seem to frustrate me!

Any suggestions, comments?


  1. I tried liquid liner once, and it was a disaster. Never.Again.

    What you can do with your powder is actually wet your brush before you dip/rub it in your eye shadow. Then you can get a more defined, dramatic look with more control.

  2. I use those wet pencils. Know what I mean? You don't sharpen them like the pencils, but they aren't the liquid either. I love them.

    My cousin uses liquid eyeliner and it looks great. I watched her put it on before Wicked and was amazed at how adept she is at it. Not me.

  3. Lindsay8:12 PM

    I use Bobbi Brown's gel ink with the extra fine eyeliner brush. It's really easy to use and a there's a ton of great colors.