Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Talk to me...

So do you eat/buy natural/organic foods and or products?

I went to my first Natural Foods Market this past weekend and was surprised by everything they have. I mean besides the food they have organic pet food and products, toiletries, hair products, TONS of vitamins, household products and a range of other things I was just not expecting!

I do buy organic whole wheat pasta b/c I like it and it is just so good for you. I also buy organic chips. And when I was there I picked up some organic chocolate, cookies and juice just to try. (they were ok) But overall I couldn't imagine buying everything I eat...or even use from a natural foods market! One, it would be too expensive and two are the benefits worth it? I honestly don't know.

So I thought I would ask to see what everyones take on organic and natural products are. Do you use them? Do you eat organic foods? Do you think the benefits of these products outway the costs? Any thoughts?


  1. I don't eat organic anything. I tried whole wheat pasta for awhile, but unless it's covered in sauce and cheese, I didn't like it. Every once in awhile I'll get this organic strawberry/banana drink, but I can't drink it very often for some reason. I think my body is just so used to the bad stuff that it doesn't react well to the good stuff.

  2. I'd have to see (or hear of) major benefits to this kind of food. Otherwise it is way too expensive to go testing it out. I certainly would pick the healthy foods over the "non-healthy" foods if prices were comparable.

    So I guess it comes down to money. That's too bad.

  3. I agree, except for the VERY few products I mentioned in my blog, I really can not justify spending that amount of money on organic food.

  4. nope. unless those TLC products such as Kashi cereal count as organic. and i only buy those when they are on sale.

    considering our family budget with groceries, i stick w/ non-organic stuff. it's too expensive.

  5. Organic chocolate? If you're not eating the real thing, it's just not worth it to me. Blech.

  6. Organic stuff is so much pricier than regular stuff. Every time I go to Denver, EVERYONE out there is way into organic stuff. I sort of get the feeling it is like a status thing right now. If it is so much better for you, it should be more affordable.