Saturday, November 03, 2007

This Looks AWESOME!

So I am typically not all about the latest technology or gadgets out there. Not that there are not cool things out there, but I do not get too excited about them. I feel it is just not something I need. My cell phone is as basic as they come & I don't own an I-Pod but instead a $25 MP3 player I got from Big Lots. With the way gadgets become outdated so quickly I just don't like to BUY into the hype. (Don't get me wrong though...I have MANY other vices, technology is just not one of them!)

However, I saw a commercial for the i-pod touch and let me tell you, I think I am in love! This thing looks freak'n awesome!!! I seriously want one of these and I don't know why other than it looks cool! I think they have finally got me, b/c I can't stop thinking about how cool this thing would be!!!

1 comment:

  1. W.K., I couldn't agree more. They are SO FLIPPING COOL in real-life.

    I'm in love, too. They're amazing.