Wednesday, November 21, 2007

For Those Non-Shoppers Who Like to Shop!

Ok, for all those people who do like to shop but do not necessarily like to leave the house, fight the crowds, or get up up early (you are probably an on-line shopper) but want to partake in the great deals of Black Friday here is the way to get the best of both worlds through online shopping!

We all know about Black Friday but apparently there is also something called cyber Monday which is the big kick off to the holiday online shopping. Online shopping is my FAVORITE!!! I LOVE it!

This coming Monday (following the black Friday deals) online stores will be having a bunch of online sales of their own!! Great deals, free shipping, you name it!!!

Here is a website you can go to.

I think you can shop through them, or just click on the stores and shop through the stores. Not exactly sure how their site works, but if anything it is a great link to a plethora of deals!

Just wanted to pass on to my fellow online shoppers...Monday is a great day to go shopping (from your house)!!

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  1. VERY cool. I think I shall check this out. (Happy Thanksgiving, you!)