Thursday, December 06, 2007


So last night I received this little gem at a gift exchange I participated in. It is a Napoleon Dynamite vibrating/music playing toothbrush! I was totally THRILLED and surprised to receive this! I had talked about it a few months ago, Click Here for original post....but I kinda just forgot about it and never went to get one.

I have to say I used this last night and it is totally fun! My husband could even hear it when he stood by me....we were so excited and played it so many times my teeth hurt a bit afterwards! Sometimes if I brushed too fast the song would speed up and when I stopped the music stopped. Also, the harder I brushed the louder it got! This is really such a cute idea!

Thanks A. for hours of brushing fun!

(P.S. Thank you TP for your explanation on how this toothbrush works! You have to check out her explanation if you have questions on how it works!)


  1. You're very welcome! I'm glad that you like it and didn't already have one! I'm really glad that you forgot about wanting one actually - that made it more fun, I think!

    Happy brushing!