Thursday, December 27, 2007

Done, Finished, No Mas, I am Over It, I Can’t Take Another……


Yep, I am 100% done with desserts of all kinds (for a bit at least)…especially in the cookie form! This happens every year around the holidays, it is just too much sweetness for one person to handle. The sweet tooth gets some extra action beginning in October with Halloween and doesn’t seem to officially stop until V-Day in February!!

But I know I have reached my limit when this morning at work I saw another plate of Christmas cookies and wanted to throw them into the trash. Not that the thought isn’t extremely kind and appreciated!

So I bid you a fond farewell you sweet treats, please don’t take it personally - but I can’t handle another chocolate chip, iced Christmas tree, ginger bread man, or even a sprinkle!

Until next year…

Yours truly,


  1. i'm with you on this one! we have so many homemade cookies (including my favorite peanut butter kisses) and i don't want ANY of them. in fact, i'll go one step further -- i'm done with all holiday food. no more cheeseballs and crackers, kielbasa, shrimp, yummy dips, NOTHING.

    special K diet, here i come!


  2. It is SO true!!! I cooked a "real" meal last night and T & I couldn't have enjoyed it more!!! It was so nice to not have "snack" type foods for a meal (as delicious as they are) and instead have some good old fashioned home cooked food!

  3. I feel like my pants are kinda tight. Maybe I should be done too :)

  4. I couldn't agree more - there are so many sweets left on our counter, but just looking at them makes me feel ill. I should just throw them away now, but I hate throwing food away.