Monday, December 17, 2007

A new store to love! (And therefore had to write a lot about it!)

This weekend I checked out Sally’s Beauty Supply Store – and I have to say I love it!!

I wanted to put some reddish/brown low lights in my hair for the holidays but didn’t want to (A) Spend $100 to get my hair done at a salon – it typically costs that much with a tip b/c my hair is so thick they use extra stuff – and (B) I don’t want the uncertainty of using a box brand and ending up with who knows what color on my head – I have been everything from orange to black with that box stuff!!

So I went to the above-mentioned store, which I had never been to before. I have to say I love it! I was a bit overwhelmed at first b/c I didn’t know what stuff to get and didn’t know what would work for me, but I asked one of the ladies working there (who was also a beautician) and she helped me find the right color and explained how the coloring works! And it is SO easy!!!

And the prices are very reasonable! You don’t have to be a member or a beautician to use the store but I did buy the $5 year long membership and ended up saving $5. 20 on my first purchase! If you think you will keep going, like I know I will, that is the way to go! If you have the membership most of the products you get a certain percentage off. But even if you don’t take the membership the products are still very reasonable. I got a very good hair color product and it was $4.99 for the cream and the solution to mix with it was $2.99. I also bought all the start up stuff like the brush to apply the cream, the little mixer bowl, the measuring cup, the cap and gloves…and my total bill was about $17.00!!! And when I do this again, I will only have to buy the hair color and solution!

They also have tons of other stuff there, but didn’t get to see everything as I was all about the hair color!

Thanks to my mom and sister for doing this for me! It took about an hour and half total and was so easy! This will definitely be the new way I do my hair!

Side note, I am not at ALL thinking what beauticians do is easy. I could never do the stuff they do, and I needed help picking out the right color for my complexion. But I do think that if you can get the right color and have someone who wouldn’t mind helping you out for a couple hours, then the coloring process itself is easy!


  1. I want to see it!

  2. Yeah, my hair turned out cute, I wanted subtle not alot of color...but my hair looks a bit darker!

    I will take a picture and see if you can tell!

  3. oh yeah, love Sally Beauty!

    I buy my shampoo and conditioner there (it's the generic of Biolage and it's just as good). Also love their "Beyond the Zone" products (it's their version of "Bed Head" stuff, basically).

    my sister (who is also my stylist) turned me on to Sally's and the products I love.