Thursday, December 27, 2007

Movie Review

T & I went Christmas Eve to see Sweeney Todd and I have to say I LOVED the movie!!!

First, going to the movies at 6:30 p.m. on Christmas Eve was very nice.....there was NO ONE there!

Second, this movie was just SO great! I don't typically like scary movies and I am kinda particular about how people adapt to put song into movies like this. (Rent - hated it; Annie & Little Shop Of Horrors...two of my favorite movies ever!)

Anywho....I was very happy with this movie! I thought it was great and had some of my favorite actors (Johnny, Helena Bonham Carter, Alan Rickman) And with the cast and Tim Burton could it be bad?!?!?! Funny, scary, beautiful color...AWESOME!


  1. i am glad you wrote this movie review, because i really wanted to see it. i think it will serve as a pleasing movie to both my scary-movie-loving-boyfriend and myself.

  2. Oh! Very good. I totally want to see this. Thanks for your review.


    (I smiled when I read your "RENT" comment. :-)

  3. I remember seeing this play in college, so I think it's fun that they made a movie of it. I wouldn't mind seeing this.

    Glad that you liked this even though it's a musical :) That whole RENT thing still remains a favorite story of mine to retell. Hilarious!

  4. Can't wait!!! Excited to hear Johnny sing!