Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What the?!?!?!!?

Please take a moment to review the item above.

Yes, that is a large knife.

And yes, the top of the knife is broke off.

How you ask? NO IDEA! (maybe my mighty strength)

I went to use this knife and the top inch of the knife just fell off!! Yes, while chopping an onion the top of the knife just broke. Now this is a good knife and one of my favorites!! Even when T. saw it he was amazed at how clean a break it was.

WEIRD! (I didn't realize how strong I was!)


  1. Ha! That must have been one heck on an onion!

  2. Did it make you cry?

  3. Whoa. This is obviously not a knife endorsed by Ron Popeil.

  4. THAT is crazy. oh my gosh.