Monday, October 15, 2007

A Frightfully Wonderful Weekend!

This weekend (thanks to my mom, dad and sister) we celebrated my husband’s birthday at Cedar Point! We went to the park Friday and Saturday and I have to say we had a WONDERFUL time! I have never been for Halloweekends and being a person who typically doesn’t like to be scared and who isn’t a huge fan of roller coasters I wasn’t sure what to expect. But I have to say it ended up being a blast and frankly the weather was perfect and I don’t know if I would want to go to Cedar Point any other time of the year!!

Some things I observed from the trip:
- I am still a fan of spinning rides and roller coasters that stay close to the ground. Some of the things they have there (like the top thrill dragster) are CRAZY!

- The top thrill dragster broke while my husband was about 15 minutes from getting on! After 20 minutes they got it working but not without one car not making it over the top and coming back. Needless to say, until my husband got off the ride I was VERY nervous. You will never see me on that ride…it is a ridiculous ride!

- The last time we went was 5 years ago. I was fit, thin, and more willing to try things. Not so much any more.

- After 19 hours at the park (6 Friday and 13 Saturday) we are ALL hurting. We are not as young as we use to be.

- Going Friday was AWESOME! The lines were small and though not everything was open, you got to go on the rides that are normally packed in just fractions of the time!

- The haunted houses and the frontier land area were SO cool! I was scared but I also laughed and had a blast!

- If you have at least 4 people going stay at the Breakers Express and get their package deal! SO much money was saved by doing it this way and we got to get into the park an hour early!

- Cedar Point parking SUCKS! It took us an hour and a half Saturday night to get out of the parking lot and to our hotel that was maybe 5 miles down the road! You would think they would have a better idea of how to handle parking and the roadways in that area to help the flow of traffic! Ridiculous.

- I love Cedar Point in October! Well at least when it is in the 60’s!

- I want to be one of those people who dresses up and scares people! How fun!

- I love all the stuff they do for kids there! Between the rides and the special Halloween snoopy parade…it is awesome! Very creative!

- Corn Dogs = YUM!

- They had the Indians games on the big screen – awesome!

Overall, I am now a HUGE fan of Cedar Point Halloweekends! I know we will be back next year!

Thanks again for everything mom, dad and K… was wonderful!


  1. I've always wanted to go! I'm glad you had a great time!

  2. i've been to halloweekends and it is awesome! glad you had a super time.