Wednesday, October 31, 2007

We are not in Kansas anymore, Toto!!!

So last night T & I went out to have a nice dinner to celebrate my new job! (Sorry but I am trying to put that in every post I write today!!) So we didn't know what we were hungry for and T. said that sushi sounded kinda good. Now I am not very experienced in the sushi area. I have only had it a couple times and with mixed feelings about it. However, I thought it would be fun and I was in such a good mood I figured I would try something new!

So T & I went to this Japanese sushi place in BG. It is a small little place right off 75.

Let me tell you folks....this was a whole new experience for the two of us. I had NO idea what anything was, or what we were ordering!! It probably took us 15 minutes to come up with something to order. Not b/c it sounded bad...we just didn't know what we were ordering! We ordered a couple different types of sushi and then I ordered some noodle thing! It is interesting eating soup with chopsticks!! T & I looked pretty silly trying to eat our dinners!

I do have to say that overall it was really good! I think when I go back I will just order sushi and not an actual "meal". We wanted sushi rolls but didn't order any sushi rolls, b/c we didn't know what was what - hahaha! We did get some of the best fresh tuna I have EVER had and tried this sweet shrimp that was awesome! T. also ordered hot sake. I wasn't a fan, but T really liked it. It was all interesting to say the least! I know I will give it another try b/c the fresh fish was amazing...but maybe go back with someone who knows what the heck they are ordering!!!


  1. Love Sushi!!! I learned a little from a friend which is very helpful, but most I learned through trial and error. A always gets the chicken teriyaki since she doesn't like sushi.

  2. You cannot go wrong with california roll. and if you like tuna, there are spicy tuna rolls that are awesome. in some places a Texas roll has tuna and some yummy cream cheese filling.
    take someone experienced, i had to my first time too, then you'll become professionals!

  3. I was going to tell you that B. LOVES sushi, but he appears that he already did it! If you have any questions, he's a pro! (And it's true, I can't eat the stuff.)

  4. It took me a long time to get into it, but I love sushi now also. It is so fun.

  5. I agree with Malissa. Start with a california roll, it's how I got hooked.