Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I Heart Michael Buble

So maybe I am a little late to the game here but I think Michael Buble is adorable!!! I have always liked his music but it wasn't until watching him today on Rachael Ray that I realized how freak'n cute and talanted he was!

He was SO funny and just a charmer! He is definatly on my top 5 list now!! It is so refreshing to see a musician out there like him! I am totally buying his new(er) CD!

(To all fans I do apologize for not putting that accent mark over the *e* couldn't get it to work on blogger!)

1 comment:

  1. Oh, I am TOTALLY with you on this one. If you see him in concert, you will never be the same. He is incredible! I love his voice, it seems so easy and natural. Love him.

    His concert was one of our first dates. I knew that I had to marry someone who loves Buble.

    When he used to be on Dave before he become popular, Dave would always say, "C'mon your name is really Bubble, isn't it?" Ha ha!