Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ok, Pick 10 letters out of a bag and add "saurus" to the end!

So in Argentina they found what they believe is a new species of dinosaur and one of the largest plant eaters ever found! Apparently if you read the full article they grew them big over there!

But the best part is what they named the new dinosaur:
Futalognkosaurus dukei

Yes, doesn't that just roll off your tongue?!?! I think they ran out of all the cool names we grew up knowing and now they are left with crap names!!!



  1. i seriously cracked up when i read that article today...i was like "hello??? what kind of name is that?"

    I think i'll call it the "funky-o-saurus"...just because it sounds better than foot-o-long-oka-saurus or however you pronounce the real name.

  2. I just read a dinosaur story to my little cousins and I found myself tripping on the names. That name is RIDICULOUS!

    PS I collect Elephants too :)