Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Talk to Me - Summer Nail Polish!

I am in the mood for a light post, so let's talk summer nail polish colors!

I know some people prefer finger nails painted over toes or vica versa...but what are your favorite summer nail polish colors this year?!

I am looking for some cute summer colors and wanted to see what everyone else was wearing this summer!

Last year I was really into teal and bold colors, but this year I am thinking something more bright and cheerful on the toes for summer.

Also, what are your favorite brands of nail polish?  I LOVE O.P.I..  I am also a fan of Sally Hansen - Complete Salon Manicure.

And here is a question, what are your thoughts on painting your toes one color and your finger nails another color?  If you paint one should you leave the other plain?  Paint them both the same or is that too matchy?


  1. I am an OPI girl. I haven't bought another brand of nail polish in years. I hate having to do my nails over and over and over, so I stick with OPI and once a week is usually enough.
    Toes and nails should match or just be one painted and the other plain. I really prefer just toes painted as it just seems more professional to me. (I really don't know why.)
    My favorite OPI is I'm Not Really a Waitress. It's a bright, bold red and I love it. Reds and pinks are my classic go to colors but, I do have a blue (Greece just blue me away) and a brownish red (Cheyenne Pepper).
    Love your post and now I'm gonna have to paint my nails! (Or maybe schedule a pedicure? Hmmm...)

  2. I love nail polish! I have been digging a really light violet color. I'm usually drawn to purples. I also love sparkles. I have a favorite purple sparkle that is my go-to polish.

    I think it's fun to paint your toes one color and your nails another color. The girls have me paint their nails two different colors - I guess having multicolored nails is cool with the six-year-old set! :)

  3. I only like french manicure on my toes and natural or MAYBE clear on my fingers. I just hate the way it FEELS.

    I just got a pedi as a gift and had to get non-french and got a buff or nude color and didn't really enjoy it. I need to branch out but cant!

  4. It is funny how everyone has their own preference with this! Love it :)

    April - OPI is my absolute favorite. I think it goes on the best and stays on longer than most. Plus their names are cute :) Can't wait to see your fun nail polish saturday!

    Wendy, I think I am trying a purple this weekend to go with my dress! Maybe a nice bright/but lighter shade of purple. When I ws a kid I liked to paint my finger nail and toe nails ALL different colors. Each one, different :)

    Iris - French manicures are very classic...good call! I don't always like stuff on my fingers most of the time, mainly because once it starts chipping I pick at it and then they look horrible. I have to have something on my toes because I HATE my feet and I think it makes them closer to tolerable to look at with polish on :)

    thanks for your thoughts ladies!