Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Some Very UNWelcomed Guests

It is summer….my least favorite of the seasons. And with summer there always seems to be an increase of bugs in the house. With three cats bugs have it pretty tough in our house, but unfortunately we have some very unwanted guests in our house.


(Insert picture of ants here. I refuse to post a picture so you can imagine if you like.)

I hate them and we got them.

Yep, over the weekend we started noticing those big black ants in our house and yesterday it started getting worse. Yesterday as I cooked dinner I killed about 15 of them. GROSS.

Terry is getting ant traps, but we have yet to find where they are coming from. I HATE ants and unlike spiders, I don’t think twice about killing them. (No, watching the movie Ants didn’t make me more empathetic towards them.)

I really hope we find where they are coming from soon, or I will scream. There is nothing like making toast in the morning and having three large ants come towards your breakfast like you made it for them. No, we are not a bed and breakfast ants….so please leave my food alone and leave our house NOW.

Terry has talked to others and they say ants are really bad this year and we are not the only ones with problems. He thinks a lot of it is because of all the moisture in the ground from all the rain that it pushes them to find other places to live. BLECH.

Yeah, I really don’t care much WHY we have ans, I just want them out of our house NOW.

*P.S. Speaking of summer...where the hell did spring go?! I refuse to accept that it is summer already. Nope, not going to do it.


  1. if it helps, we've had a bit of an ant problem this year too. The ONLY thing that seems to be working is a product called TERRO. And it IS getting better!

  2. Ewww I hate bugs. The big huge ants are worse than the teeny ones. The big ones look menacing.

  3. uck. ants. i randomly had a whole bunch of them in my purse last week and i thought for sure that when i got home my kitchen would be overrun but we could never find out where they came from. ant mystery.