Thursday, June 02, 2011

Out with the Old and in with the New!!!


(Pretty, no?! Yes I am a girl and think our new camera is pretty!)

I was so excited I can’t even try to build the suspense and tease you….I just have to blurt it out!!

Our last digital camera took a shit right after vacation. (Thank goodness it made it through that.)  We have had the camera since 2003, so it has been a good camera.  But it started acting up recently and then just died this past weekend.  Died meaning the shutter won’t close and it only turns on to tell us to turn it off.

Terry and I talked about it, and considering we have some rather important events happening in the coming months we decided we needed to suck it up and buy a new and reliable camera.  We weighed our options and tried to figure out what was the best for us. 

Option 1: We could just get an inexpensive camera for about $150….but how long would it last and what would the quality of pictures be like?  We don’t just want something to get us by and we don’t want to turn around in a few years and get another one?  However, it is the least expensive option so an option nonetheless.

Option 2: Some of the nicer and slightly more advanced cameras seem to be around $189-$220.  We found one we really liked and it was a possibility.  It would last awhile and take good pictures. 

Option 3: At the top of the range was the Nikon Coolpix L120 for $279.  This was higher priced than we wanted to go as we wanted to stay below $250 for a digital camera.  However, this camera was amazing.  I went straight for it and told Terry to not pick it up as he would not want to put it down.   I love Nikon, plus this camera had great reviews.  It takes AMAZING pictures and videos and should last a long time. BUT, it is above our initial price range.

So which camera did we get? the affordable but basic camera, the mid range camera that would be a solid and financially reasonable camera, or the camera slightly above our budget but with all the bells and whistles we wanted. (it is like House Hunters, no?!  Yeah, I watch that show too much.)

We choose…..the third one!  The Nikon camera!!


Yes, it was slightly above our price range, however the difference in what we got compared to the mere $50 - $75 in price between the other cameras we were looking at made this pretty much a no brainer.   To us, we can justify spending a little more on something that is going to yield great results and be a fantastic camera.  Had it been even $100, $150, $200 more, I am not so sure we would have gotten it, but at this price and for what we got we were SOLD.

As for the camera, it is wonderful.  We have only played around with it for a few days, but the quality of the pictures it takes is ridiculous! So crisp and vivid. It is easy to take a video and the video quality is better than our old video camera!  It is also very user friendly…which I like a lot. 

I don’t know what all the fancy features mean….but here is the camera if you are curious.

I would totally recommend this camera for people who want a good digital camera, especially for people like us who may not be able to afford or may just not want to spend the money right now on the more advanced and expensive digital cameras.  This is 100 times better than your standard digital camera, but very reasonably priced for the product you are getting. 

The only potential drawback some may see is that this camera does take standard double A batteries.  You can put in rechargeable batteries, which terry and I may eventually do after Henry is born, but it does not come with the camera.  However, for as often as we use our camera this is not an issue for us at the moment.  Plus, I actually like that we have the option that we CAN use double batteries.  For our old camera we had one set of rechargeable batteries, so we had to remember to charge the batteries before we went somewhere or if they died in the middle of something had to wait till we could recharge them.  Now we can use whatever is available to us!

Oh and we also got a new memory card, our old one was SO small we could only store about 100 pictures at 3 megapixels on it at any given time.  This new one we can hold about 4700 pictures at 8 megapixel (is it megapixel…is that right?  I don't know what I am saying as I am so not technologically savvy). AWESOME!!!

Yep, we now are ready (ok at least picture wise) for the next three months!!


  1. yay new camera! you better get practicing

  2. I like your camera.
    A few years back we got the a similar one but the Kokak version. Of course we probably use our phones more than anything. We eventually got the rechargeable battery for it and that has saved us a bunch of cash, we can also use the AA batteries and they seemed to burn out so fast.