Wednesday, March 09, 2011

{Almost} Wordless Wednesday

Charlie was on the back of our couch cleaning himself  to take a nap and when I looked at him and said something to him he stopped and struck this "pose".  He was like this for about 10 minutes, his paw just resting there. I was cracking up the entire time!  I am sure I have given him a complex now.

"What are you looking at?  How about a little privacy please?!"

"What?! I am just resting my paw here.  I am not doing anything!"



    That cat just cracks me up! He looks in the first picture like he's thinking, "Ahem... do you mind?!"

  2. I love that cat pose. It reminds me of the dog touching himself in due date.

    I'd like to request some "cats in clothes" pictures.