Tuesday, March 15, 2011


(Kristen will get this cake…..even though I do not!)

 Today my lovely sister K. turns twenty-threeeeeeeeeeee!!!  

Twenty-three, huh?!  I for one cannot accept this as true because I remember when you were born and I can NOT believe that was 23 years ago!  Dang you are old! (And don’t you say anything in return young lady.)

I am SO proud of the young women you have and are becoming.  You are amazing, beautiful, hilarious, so stink’n smart, and such a kind & caring person.  I have felt SO lucky to live with you the last few years and have that time together.  It has meant so much to me to see you transform into the person you are today.

And even though you play games of the imaginary sort with your friends and some would call that dorky (not me of course) I have to say that is what makes you, YOU and I think YOU, my dear sister, are AWESOME!

Happy Birthday K.!  We love you bunches!

Jenn, Terry, Sebastian, Belle, Charlie, & Piglet.


  1. Thank you SO much!

    I am so happy to have you as my sister! This was such a sweet post! Is it safe to say that I learned how to be "amazing, beautiful, hilarious, so stink’n smart, and such a kind & caring person" from you?! hehehe!

  2. TWENTY THREE???? Shut up. I don't believe it.

    Happy BIRTHDAY, K.!!!!



    Ah-hem. "Piget"? YAY!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday, Kristen!

    Hope this is your best birthday yet!

  4. Happy Birthday Ellius!