Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Welcome To My Mind…..A Little Bit of This and That

Yes, this is all totally random and maybe unblogworthy....but this is how my mind is right now, completely scattered!!

- Went to the grocery store for the first time in 3 weeks last night to do some real shopping. (we go for bread and milk, but that is pretty much it because no one is home really but me.) I strongly dislike that place mainly because people are annoying.  And WHY when you are in a hurry, and tired, and really have to pee do you run into someone you know who wants to talk?!  Or in my case someone I know who wants to talk for 20 minutes and then some darling old lady who tells me ground turkey is on sale and what she will do with all that turkey. (Ok, the little old lady was sweet and I will make time for her!)  But you get my point.  However, I now have some food in our house again which includes some of my favorite things like apples, bananas & grapes as well as granola bars, fresh veggies, 5 lbs of turkey (thanks darling lady!), and 3 bars of cheese. YUM! On a side note, I spent $55 and saved $22!!!  HOLLA!

- I got a call that our crib arrived and is at JcPenney’s!  Yes, we have our crib already and no, we don’t have a place for it.  I wonder if they can store it there for 5 months.  Holy crap, we have a baby coming in less than six months and we have so much to do! Oh well, I will think about that another day.  Worst case scenario, we get a cage and throw some blankets in it….the piglet will be fine! Here is our crib.

- I really wish I would have brought my Tropical Starburst to work today.  I could use a pick me up of high fructose corn syrup right about now.

- My parents are coming into town this weekend and we are celebrating both Kristen and my birthday!  Hers was in March, mine in April.  I am excited!  We are doing a mini-Spa morning on Saturday and with that I am finally getting my hairs cut!  Would you judge me if I said it has been a year since my last haircut?  If so then ignore that last sentence.  (But seriously, I have stopped myself SO many times the last couple months from cutting it myself because I knew I had this appointment….it is driving me crazy!)  Also, we are also going to PF Changs for our birthday dinner....yum.  Oh yeah, and let us not forget about the cake and presents that are coming!! Good weekend ahead.

- My parents are also bringing up our new stroller and car seat! Yes, we also already have the car seat and stroller.  But that is only because Sebastian, Belle and Charlie are going to test it out for us first to make sure it is safe for the babe.  They are good cats. (This is the stroller. Opting for gender neutral incase someday we have other animals who need this stuff.)
- I have been in the mood for quinoa and made it last night with red & yellow peppers, asparagus and ground turkey.  It was delicious.  Sadly, that was the high point for me yesterday and as I am really looking forward to leftovers today at lunch it may be my high point for today as well. I am boring lately.

- I am thrilled to be going on vacation in a couple months!!  I think this trip will be amazing and I am so excited!  It has been 7 years since our last vacation.  However, I am not as thrilled to try to find a swimsuit – I seriously cannot find one anywhere!  Why if you are bigger and pregnant do they make swimsuits with ugly patterns or animal prints on them?! YUCK!   All I want is something that will hide my legs, does not have some ugly pattern on it, and that will let people know I am not just fat but also pregnant.  Jeans and a tank-top should work perfectly.  I am also less than thrilled to have to wear that swimsuit in a couple months.  No crash dieting for me….guess people will just have to get use to seeing my pale, big butt walking around on the beach for a week! Sorry folks at that beach :)

- I haven’t even started looking into child care.  I didn’t think it was a big deal, but apparently I was told I should have already started looking into this. OOPS!  I figure as long as the piglet is in its cage the cats can watch over to make sure everything is ok.

- You may not have been aware of this, but parents are awesome.

- I am trying to think of things to blog about and I have a bunch of ideas….the problem being when I step in the front door of my home I have no choice but to put comfy clothes on and sit on the couch and watch TV.  It is not that I necessarily want to do that, but it is like my body is taken over by an uncontrollable force and I have to do that.


  1. I love the randomness of this post!

    And AMEN to hating the grocery store! I've avoided it for two weeks (hard to do with 2 kids) and had to go today. We were in a hurry and ended up running into a few of my MIL's friends (talk non stop!) and then I got asked to do an interview for the news. I told the lady "no thank you" and she kept talking to the freezing rain, wind blowing like mad. Ugh. Annoying. I would LOVE for someone to go get my groceries for me.

  2. I love that you are posting about baby stuff!

    Bathing suit shopping is a form of torture in some countries.

  3. Um. love this post.

    1. CONGRATS on saving $22! That is so awesome.

    2. Your crib is beautiful. (How exciting!)

    3. Yay for your parents coming to visit and for celebrating yours and K's birthdays!

    4. LOVE the new stroller/car seat. Smart idea on the gender neutral stuff. I went that way with some stuff for Lila and now Craig's all, "SEE? We could have bought the all pink [fill in the blank] baby item." Like we need an all-pink pack and play. I digress.

    5. I have never had quinoa and would like to.

    6. Where are you going on vacation? And the whole notion of bathing suits SUCK. Yeah, let's wear our underwear and bras in the midst of the WORST lighting in the world. Oh yeah, and let's not wear any makeup at the same time, too.

    7. Boo to looking into childcare. Not fun. It'll all work out, though. Don't stress.

  4. We are going to Hilton Head!! I have never been. My parents got an AMAZING deal on a condo. 3 bedrooms, 2 bath, grill, full kitchen, a deck AND balcony, pool at the condo complex and just minutes from the beach. AWESOME.

    Maybe I will not even get a bathing suit as I am planning to just sit outside, read baby books/do puzzle books and EAT!

    The only not so fun part of the trip is going to be the drive because my doctor said pregnant women are more susceptible to blood clots and so she wants me to stop every few hours and walk around. I am sure T. will loooove having to stop every 3 hours so I can pee and walk :)

    Bathing suits ARE torture.