Saturday, August 28, 2010

Really?! – Cell Phone Picture Edition

So here are a few pictures taken the past couple weeks on my cell phone that make me just think….Really?! (Yes, Like Seth & Amy on SNL)

Really Antique Mall in Findlay, Ohio?! You felt that you just had to put creepy porcelain doll wall paper up in your bathroom? I know you sell antiques and all, but what about finding wall paper with old books or antique toys without faces or I don’t know anything else aged that ISN’T a creepy doll?  Or hey, even better, how about just some fancy design like normal businesses have?  I mean really, do you not want people to use your restrooms?  Or maybe you literally want to scare the shit out of people when they are using your facilities as some sick joke.  What kind of creep does that?!  I mean come on, really.  That wall paper is one of the scariest things I have ever seen….I felt those creepy dolls, along with that little clown, were peering into my soul. Really.

Really Yoplait? “Thick & Creamy”?!  I know this isn’t new or anything, but I have always had a problem with it. Thick and Creamy. Was that the best name your marketing company could come up with? I mean really?! Were you all snickering as you came up with this or did you really think making a Thick and Creamy product line was an awesome way to sell your product. Yes, I know I usually “go there” and love a good sexual innuendo, but come on….who wants to stare at those words while trying to enjoy a tasty, 100 calorie snack. I mean really.

Really cats?  Did you not think we would notice the curtain hanging off the door window when we got home? And what were you three up to that would cause the curtain to “fall” down? Did you think you could look out the window?  Did you want to scare the mail-ma'am?  I mean really, what were you trying to accomplish with this besides making more of a mess in the house? I get it, the curtain isn’t that great but that is no reason to jump up and attempt to rip it down. Come on cats, at the best stretched out you are each no more than 3 feet and you do not have thumbs….so I do not know how you did this but there is nothing you need with that curtain. Really cats. 


  1. haha! i love the last photo. those crazy cats. :)

  2. Ahhh that doll wallpaper! Who even designs such a wretched thing? I like dolls but come on, that's just wrong. I bet you couldn't even do your business in there with those dolls staring down at you!

  3. Omg. Omg. Omg.

    I just laughed OUT LOUD and Craig was like, "What are you laughing at?"

    Oh, W.K. - this entire post cracked me up.

    WHAT the HELL is with that wallpaper?

    "Thick and creamy" are to adjectives that I hope are never used to describe anything that I eat.

    And that last picture? That's what did it. I laughed. A lot. That's so awesome.