Wednesday, August 25, 2010

2010 – The Year of Busted Stuff

So I try not to complain too much (though my husband may respectfully disagree) but there is a trend I am noticing for this year and I have to say that I am not so much a fan of it.

So what is the trend? All our shit is breaking!

Yep, I believe 2010 is the year that all our crap breaks….and is also the year of the Tiger (of the Tiger getting caught with a couple dozen mistresses…say what!)

 Now it is common for things to break here and there….but this year it seems to be almost like some running joke in our house, albeit a sick joke that makes me want to cry and eat a bag of pretzels and Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream, but a joke nevertheless. Now I am not looking for sympathy with this post (though please feel free to send donations c/o HOWARD RELIEF 2010 and in the memo – “Busted Stuff”) so please do not take it that way. But because of the absolutely absurd amount of crap that has broke not even 9 months into the year I feel it is my duty (teehee) to share because seriously, it is just crazy.

Stuff is just reaching that time where things naturally need fixed. My car is a 2001 Honda and is AMAZING (I heart Hondas) but as it approaches 10 years old it needs some basic fixes to keep it going another 10 years. Terry’s car is a 1991 VW (T. hearts VW’s) and it needs work to keep it going a few more years. The house was built in 1980 and has many original items, and therefore all that stuff is starting to need a little work…..kind of like me. Stuff just be getting old.  Plus I would much rather all this happen this year then next when T. is gone. And after 2010 is over we should seriously be all fixed up for awhile….and what isn’t fixed is getting duct taped.

So what is on our list this year of shit that decided to stop working?

1. Heater broke. Yep, on a very cold evening in January we lost heat. Brrrrrrr. Furnace = Fixed.
However a new furnace will be needed in about 3 years. = sigh
New coils were also fixed in the basement as they were starting to go bad and they were there to fix it then.

2. Volkswagen needed some new belt thing = Fixed

3. VW needs brakes, shocks & struts and rotors turned = Waiting to be fixed

4. Honda air conditioned broke this summer = Fixed

5. New battery for Honda = Fixed

6. Back shocks and struts on Honda needed replaced = Fixed

7. Front shock and struts on Honda need replaced = Waiting to be fixed.

8. New tires on Honda before November = Waiting to be fixed.

9. Honda started making a new noise when braking = Next on list to be fixed

10. There was a recall on the Honda for a switch that needed fixed. = Fixed…FOR FREEEEEE!

11. Computer’s power supply broke = Fixed

12. Dishwasher broke = New dishwasher with the help of my awesome parents! THANK YOU!!!

13. Air conditioned just started making this horrible noise when it shuts off and needs looked at = Waiting till Fall to look at it.

14. 17 year old washer decided to stop working 2 weeks ago…mid cycle of course = New washer purchased

15. Got a call from T. Monday saying that as he was heading to lunch his axel & some kind of ball joint thing on his car fell off and basically his tire was barely hanging on. (For the record can I just say I do NOT care about the car in this case and just that T. was in a parking lot at work and not on the highway going to class. My stomach turns thinking what might have happened if this would have broke even 20 minutes later. Losing a wheel on the highway at 70 mph. I seriously feel sick.) = Fixed.

16. After that little scare T. asked the shop to inspect the car thoroughly and see what else needs updated. We got a list that includes a few more things not previously mentioned above like a new exhaust, tires, and a couple other smaller items. = Waiting to be fixed

The thing is our cars are actually really great cars, though from the sounds of it I am sure no one wants to ride with us! It is just stuff that happens over time and needs taken care of. The good thing about all the car stuff is that 1) Terry works at NAPA and can get parts there for a deal 2) he has worked with some of the shops in town for nearly 15 years and that is nice because they don’t always charge for all the BS (like buying parts)…just their labor, 3) if we can invest some money now it will allow us to not have to make a car payment for at least 2 years until after he graduates from CCMS which is going to be huge, and 4) Terry can do some of this stuff himself which saves money.

YES it is VERY frustrating having this all happen at once but at the same time what can we do about it. Shit happens; and in our case shit happens and then breaks.  So you fix it an move on.  But if you cannot get ahold of me, please check any of the local repair shops in the area….or the ice cream section at Meijer.

This is ONE year. ONE FLIPP’N YEAR. Nuck’n Futs, right?!

Being a grown up is sooooo much fun :)


  1. Oh gosh that sounds like our year last year, except you've had way more shit that has broken! To commiserate: last year our AC went out on the hottest weekend, then our refridgerator stopped working two weeks later, then our stove literally caught fire (we needed a whole new stove) then our hot water heater just stopped working. All the while our house is on the market, so we're uber pissed at having to fix the shit in the first place! We joke that the only thing left to break is the microwaev and the garage door. BUT! Our saving grace now? We have this completely awesome "home owners warranty" on the house right now that completely protects us from anything while we have the house listed. Our dishwasher ALSO crapped out, but it just needed a repair, that we only had to pay $100 for. Yay! Oh, our furnace is probably about to blow too, but thankfully it's covered by the warranty too, so if it does, we'd just have to pay $100.

  2. Yes, being a grown up sucks.

  3. nuck'n futs. ha!

  4. Your list of broken shit is ridiculous. I can't believe all of that!

    Hopefully you're finished with all of this!


    P.S. HOWARD RELIEF 2010 cracked me up.