Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That

As I seem to be having difficulty of late writing any sort of blog post interesting or otherwise, I thought in an attempt to make an effort to blog more frequently I would do a completely haphazard blog of things that I am thinking and feel like sharing. So please enjoy these few tasty morsels of randomness.

- See that little girl with me? I love her and she makes me smile.

Her name is Macey and she is ADORABLE, HILARIOUS, and SO STINK’N SMART! (So is the girl next to her…but we already knew that.) I also love her mommy very much too and was SOOOO excited when a couple weekends ago my cousin, her husband and their daughter Macey spent the entire weekend in our house!! We colored, played, watched kids shows I had never heard of!!! Having a child in the house was awesome, hilarious, eye opening, and tiring….I loved it. 

Her and her new friend Ivan!  It is hilarious watching two 3 year olds interact.

Here they are being crazy.
Basically because they wouldn't just lay there for a real picture!

And here they are teaching my sister a lesson. 
Don't worry, she was ok and only suffered minor injuries.

- So we my sister got a another cat. Another cat you say? Don’t you already have two too many? Egad…I can’t believe you would say that!! In a moment of weakness for cute kittens and so I could nurture something I agreed to let Kristen get a kitten. (For the record T. agreed too and said “I don’t care, she can do whatever the hell she wants but I am not going to f@$k’n take care of it for her. Oh and she better pick one that is cute and gets along with our cats." Translation: “I really want another kitten so of course.”) 
This is Charlie. (He is waving hello)
He is a pet of Lucifer bit of a handful, but when he is asleep and not moving he is adorable…and a cuddlier, which is purrrfect. (sorry)
This is him trying to figure out why he can now lay flat. 
It is because they just took his little kitten balls from him.

"Someone get me my evening paper, cigar, and warm glass of milk!! 
I had a hard day and wish to that too much to ask for?!"

"What about now?  Is this sexy?"

He is a little cuddle bug....I enjoy that and he enjoys how soft and squishy I am.  He can stay!f

- I bought this nail polish from Rite Aid a few backs back and I have to say I LOVE IT. It is from Sally Hanson and called Complete Salon Manicure. The idea is that all 5 steps of a manicure are in a bottle. (Base Coat, Strengthener, Growth Treatment, Color, Top Coat.) Now for the record I bought this stuff only for the color below (Fairy Teal….awesome) and I still used a base and top coat because, well I didn’t even realize it was a 5 in 1 until a couple days after I used it. Top coat or not this stuff goes on beautifully, comes in SO many fun colors, lasts a long time (mine lasted nearly 3 weeks…but I cleaned with bleach which didn’t help), isn’t clumpy or thick, and has really fun nail polish names! It also has a different design of a brush, which I wasn’t sure of at first but then thought was rather brilliant. I also got Commander in Chic which I will be trying this weekend.

I heart these colors.
Funky brush but works wonderfully.

- I bought these gaucho pants at for $10! Yep, very comfy and just something to lounge around in or wear out to do errands. I enjoy them a lot. The material is a bit on the thinner side, so take that into consideration when buying them….but remember they are only $10 so you can’t beat that for lounging pants! But seriously, if you have any cellulite (and so help the person who says they do not) you may want to avoid white as I am sure it will show everything. But black and brown, like I got, are well worth it!

- These are my other cats. They saw I put something on here about Charlie and got pissed and tried to ship him to Bali so I promised I would put pictures of them on the blog if they unwrapped him from the bubble wrap….or at the least poked holes in the box.

Sebastian being fancy for the camera.

This was Belle being dramatic. 
She was laying over the steps looking down and meowing and then.....

......She pretend to fall down the step.  Drama queen.

- I have officially lost 50 pounds in a year. I am excited as it is about a pound a week, but really wanted to lose more as I still have a ways to go. Slow and steady right?! At this rate I should be at my ideal weight right before I hit menopause! But seriously, I am excited…hopefully by this time next year I will be at my goal weight.

- I have always been indifferent about The White Strips but lately I cannot stop listening to them. Their music can be rough and sound like a mess, but it is actually fantastic. I watched their documentary on Showtime called Under Great White Northern Lights that came out last year and it is awesome.  My husband also told me to watch It Might Get Loud with Jimmy Page, The Edge & Jack White.  Suh-weet.

A little random fact….their song “We're Going to be Friends” is the song played at the beginning of Napoleon Dynamite.

Ok, that is it.  I think I have bored you enough! 


  1. Oh my! What a post!

    First of all, I AM SO HAPPY FOR you for your weight loss! And PROUD! 50 pounds?! That's AWESOME! Way way way awesome. Hooray for you!

    I heart the White Stripes too, and, like you, go in moods with them. I watched that program about them too. They intrigue me since at first I thought that they were brother and sister and it turns out they were married. I don't know how they could stay together, and make such great music, after getting a divorce. And that song? The mental picture I get each time I hear that song is two girls walking down the street to the bus stop, and it's fall. Ahhhh. (And also, Jack Johnson did a cover of it for the Curious George movie, which the girls were really into when they were younger!)

  2. I heart you. And miss you.

  3. was this too much? Maybe too much. This is what happen when I do not blog for awhile....7 blogs in 1 :(

    Oh, W. yes it would be hard not to think of that image with that song! I didn't know Jack Johnson did it too, I will have to look for that.

    A. I miss you too :)

  4. You're kind of cool.

    I'm so happy for you for your weight loss, but I think you're beautiful no matter what.

    However, I must draw the line at another cat. When you have more cats than people, you risk being taken over by them. They will stage a coup and demand that you make them homemade cat food and follow them around with a pooper scooper because they will no longer be using the litter box because they are in charge now and they can poop wherever they want, dammit! So please, Jenn, no more cats. For your sake.