Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Little Bit of This and A Little Bit of That....

I haven’t really had anything overly interesting to blog about recently, so I decided to just write down some random topics/updates I was thinking about.

- I was listening to my radio the other day and the 3 Doors Down song “Let Me Be Myself” came on. I didn’t think of the band but rather instantly thought of the Geico commercials with the caveman. That is good marketing.

- Since I started using Twitter I feel I am unable to come up with blog posts on a regular basis. I think it is because I feel I need to write them in 140 characters or less. (hence this post) Not cool.

- While stopped at a stop light I saw this lady (who was in the car by herself) park her car downtown BG. She got out of her car and locked her doors with her car remote and then double checked the handle to make sure it was locked. She walked a good way down the street and into a store. What was weird about that - She left ALL 4 of the windows down in the car. Hmmmmm, at least her car was locked.

- Someone gave me a file the other day at work and then proceeded to do the Heisman pose. What do you say to that.

- Starbucks has these new smoothies. I tried the Strawberry Banana Vivanno™ Smoothie. “It is a whole banana, real strawberry puree and 2% milk blended with ice and our proprietary whey protein & fiber powder.” It has 270 calories and .5g of fat. Delicious. I want to try the Orange Mango Banana one as well, but not so much the Banana Chocolate.

- I like Clementine’s because they are sweet, dainty & delicious.

- Terry quote of the week: "I think I am going to McDonalds for lunch today. I want something bad for me so I can get a McStomachache and I really want a McGut."

- We had to pay $796 for Terry’s school books THIS semester. Barf. It is seriously ridiculous what the publishers and schools charge for books. I am not kidding when I say it should be illegal, there should be a cap on that. And to make matters worse 3 of the 4 classes he took were only 100 level classes. WTF?! I guess for Christmas this year we will be passing out philosophy, biology, and computer books as presents.

- Terry has taken over our Netflix account. He just returned Trailer Park Boys: The Movie, being sent today is Psycho Beach Party, and in the queue are Trailer Park Boys: Season 3 and Iron Maiden: The Early Years. I think I need to add some more girlie movies back to the queue.

- My mom will be proud of this: I HATE to shop and I went to Kohls a couple weeks ago because I needed a couple things. (I stress needed as infact I DID need stuff as I do not just go shopping for the fun of it.) While I was there I found a few shirts that I loved and they were on sale, plus I had a coupon & a gift card. I ended up buying them and was thrilled at the final price I paid. Total original purchase price: $156; Total after sale price & coupon:$37.12; Total after gift card: $5.36! Yes, I got $156 worth of clothes for $5.36 out of pocket! Awesome.

- I wish all shirts, especially work shirts, would screen on the tag instead of having a physical tag. The screen tag isn’t itchy and it doesn’t hang out of your shirt. It is brilliant.

- My sister and I colored my hair a darker brown last night. Though I wanted a darker brown, I was not sure if I went too dark. One of the ladies noticed my hair and said she liked it. I mentioned that I thought it may be a little too dark for me to which she said this…. “I have always liked your hair darker. It looks really pretty and looks good on you. It makes your hair look even thicker and very luscious.” I love her. That totally made my day!

- Speaking of hair, I need a hair cut BAD and I am glad I have one this Saturday. My split ends are horrible, which of course I really noticed when I colored my hair from light brown to dark brown. I look down at my hair and see all these tiny white specks on the ends of my hair. Not attractive.

- I am SO happy good reality TV is on right now. Top Chef, Project Runway, Ghost Hunters, My wait, scratch that last one.


  1. top chef, project runway and ghost hunters...three great reality shows! i am so happy they're back too!

    loved the comment about twitter and 140 character blog posts. it's so true! ;)

  2. I laughed SO HARD at the Heisman pose post! I am going to do that to someone today. LOL!!! Seriously!

  3. Nice update! I like bullet-pointed blog posts.

    Shirts with tags screen printed on them ARE awesome! Except, I have this one shirt that I wear a lot and the screen print tag faded. Yeah, I wore it completely backward for a whole day and didn't even realize it until I took it off at night!

    I puked for you about the price of those books! That's just crazy! I hope they don't get more expensive as the semesters go on. Geez.

    Yes, clementines are just too cute!! In college I found a wooden Clementine box that has these really cute pictures of cartoonish clementines on it. I still have it! Plus, Elliot Smith has a song called Clementine and I can't think of that fruit without singing part of that song!

  4. Oh! I loved this update!

    Items I especially loved:

    -Whenever I hear that 3 Doors Down song, I think of the cavemen, too. (Remember when they got a sitcom? Blech. So terrible.)

    -I like the smell of clementines. But I'll be honest, I feel that peeling a fruit that small isn't worth it. I need more fruit for my time.

    -School textbook costs are ridiculous. It's essentially rape.

    -I agree - EVERY shirt should be tagless.

    -I can't wait to see your hair... and YOU!

  5. would love to see the new hair!

    also, i love Kohl's sale prices too. sounds like you totally scored!

    AMEN to tagless shirts. for the love.

  6. this made me laugh...

  7. Heismen pose was my favorite. I would love that person I'm sure. I hope Een let's us know when she gets around to doing it.

    I eat so many clementines that it actually put a hole in my tooth. That's a lot of clementine eating in bed. My dentist told me to stop. I told him to mind his foxy, chocolate business.