Thursday, August 20, 2009


Make sure your DVR's are set...or even better just don't plan to do anything at all tonight except sit in front of your TV and watch Project Runway! The new season of Project Runway starts tonight at 10pm on Lifetime. But that is not it, at 8pm tonight there is a 2 hour All-Star Project Runway Special. Awesome.

What a great week for TV. 3 hours of Project Runway tonight. Last night was 2 1/2 hours of Top Chef and the new Season kicked off. And the new season of Ghost Hunters was last night.

(I think I love TV too much)


  1. I think I am going to have to watch this show just so I can keep up with the blog "water cooler" talk.


  2. Iris, I didn't watch this the first couple seasons and started because the girls at work talked about it. I was addicted instantly!! I am not really into fashion but with the drama, the outfits, and the fun challenges it is just awesome!

  3. Wooooo-hoooooo! You know I've been counting down FOREVER!!!!!

  4. i was so excited about ghost hunters! and now project runway! and, i totally forgot about top chef. must add that to my tivo now. :)

  5. J - I'm so with you. I think we can both thank K & M for turning us on to this FREAKING GREAT show. Also, my mom watches it too now. Hehehe!