Monday, August 31, 2009

I Love – Family Game Night Edition

I love the Wii Sports Resort game with the Motion Plus accessory! And I LOVE LOVE playing these games with my family!

Wii Sports Resort is one of the newer Wii games and it features an array of games that you can play using your Mii. You can compete in Swordplay (personal fav), Wakeboarding (I am the high scorer bitches), Frisbee, Archery, Basketball, Table Tennis, Golf, Bowling, Power Cruising, Canoeing (can be dangerous, move cups out of the way), Cycling, Air Sports and as you play you can unlock different variations of all these games.

The newest addition to the Wii world is the Wii MotionPlus accessory. “It connects to your Wii Remote, and the accessory's additional sensors respond to the slightest motion of your wrist, allowing your most subtle movements to deliver impressive results on screen.” Basically, it makes the Wii even MORE realistic than before and more games (like Tiger Woods Golf 2010) have this new feature.

A month or so ago our parents got us this game and this past weekend, my parents came up to visit and surprised us with a couple more motion plus accessories for our Wii Remotes and made it known that some Wii Resort playing would be going down this weekend. Saturday night we got our Wii on till after 1:30 am, and let me tell you – it was a BLAST! I love playing these games with my family and we all get into the game (though they may say I am the most competitive) and we just laugh a lot and have a fantastic time together!

I seriously recommend this game, it is my new favorite Wii game. The game is $49.95 and comes with one Wii MotionPlus. You will need to buy at least one more to play against people, they are $19.95.

Tip: ALWAYS wear your Wii remote secured tightly around your wrist when you play ALL these games. Also, make sure there are no glasses of water around you (oops, my bad), and make sure you are more than arms length away from people or anything breakable. Oh, and stretch before playing to avoid any Wii-njuries that may occur.


  1. I like the taunt about you being the high scorer in the middle of the post.
    I have to tell A. that we need this.

  2. My mom just bought Wii Carnival and it is the MOST fun!

  3. We love Wii Sports Resort! It's easier for the girls to play because of the motion sensor thingie. Lydia loves playing frisbee with the dog! Arlene is pretty good at bowling too, she's beat us a couple times!

  4. I totally want this!!

  5. oh and I was playing just regular tenns today and totally smoked my daughter in the face. I felt so bad, she totally made me lose!