Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Talk to Me – Yes Ma’am

So I was just curious, what are your thoughts on getting called Ma’am?  Or in turn, calling others Ma’am?

This question was triggered by a few things. 

I first started thinking about it when I was watching an episode of Tia & Tamera (oh hell yeah I do) and Tia was throwing a fit complaining that she was called Ma’am. 

Then last week I went and got lunch and as the person handed me my sandwich he said “Here you go Ma’am.”

And then a girl I work with in her early 20’s (oh that age seems so far away) hates that another women older than her in the office calls her ma’am.

And on top of that Terry and I are constantly using Sir and Ma’am when talking to strangers.

It got me thinking, do women take offense to this?  Should only women of a certain age be called Ma’am?  What if it is someone my age? When is it appropriate vs not appropriate?

I can’t imagine men get offended being called Sir no matter what age, so why does it seem different for women?

What is the dealio – yo?!

Isn’t it just a term of respect you use when addressing other women?  That is what I was always taught.  Why has this turned into such a touchy word to be on the receiving end of?

I personally was not offended when I was called Ma’am at lunch, I thought it was very polite.  But I am not going to lie; there was a part of me that felt older.  And well, no one wants to feel older. But is it because I already had it on my mind from watching that episode that triggered it or was it my own thought of feeling old?!

I mean, IS THAT IT?!?!  We feel old when we are called Ma’am because that is how we have addressed adults when we were kids or how we address people older than us?!  And like I said, after a certain age we never want to feel older.

Definition of ma’am: Used as a form of polite address for a woman; short for madam: used as a title of respect, esp for female royalty

I like to consider myself a princess (that's for you mom & dad), so I shall be OK being called ma’am.  Well unless it is by some gorgeous 20 year old with perky boobs and great hair and she says it to me all valley girl like….then I will punch her (in my mind of course).

What are your thoughts? YAY or NAH on the Ma’am?!


  1. Can I just say I love you more now? I love Tia and Tamera! Ha.

    I don't have a problem with people calling me Ma'am. I'm in my mid 30s, I think I've earned a Ma'am or two. ;) My take is: If someone is younger than you, call them Miss. If older, Ma'am. However, I can totally see if a bleachy blonde high school girl called me Ma'am, I'd feel like a grandma...but you know, I probably AM a grandma to her. I remember thinking 30 something was SO old in HS.

  2. If I'm called ma'am is makes me feel old! I prefer miss - that makes me feel youthful. I've used sir on occasion. Now that I think of it I have never used ma'am or miss with anyone.

  3. I really (really) don't like being called ma'am. I don't get mad or irate or anything, but it bugs me. I just don't like the word. It makes me feel old. I don't think I've ever called anyone ma'am. Even when I was a kid.