Thursday, August 22, 2013


So I wrote a post exactly three months to the day (HERE) about how Henry wasn’t speaking much and was SO angry and how the frustration for everyone in the house was at a breaking point.   And like all children do, the minute I say something publicly he then does the opposite of what I say to make me a liar.  :-)  

Of course he did!  

Meaning, he started talking more right after I wrote that post.  Specifically, about a month after that post while we were on vacation his attitude changed and he started communicating more.  He still didn’t have a huge vocabulary, but he added a few new words and it seemed to make all the difference in how he communicated with us and his overall attitude. 

Then this past month, his vocabulary has been off the hook!!  Seriously, almost every other day he is learning a new word or saying a new sound!!  He has actually been trying to say and learn new words.  He is learning different sounds, watching how we speak and trying to imitate the way we speak and how we say it.

AWESOME! (I am sure he will learn this word next)

For instance, he learned to say truck and that triggered stuck, cook, book, work, & yuck.

Right now he seems to be learning words similar to jump, stop, help…..Basically words that make sounds similar to all or parts of those words.

His list has grown.  They say by two they should know 75-200** words and phrases.  Henry is still nowhere near that and on the low end, but honestly I really don’t care.  He is getting it at his own pace and the most important thing is he IS getting it! At this point, we are not even close to worried about his words.

He also has been doing lots of word association.  For example, he may not be able to say phone but he will point to ours when you show him a flashcard of the phone and then hold his hand up to his ear and say something, like he is trying to say it or talking on the phone.  BRAVO!!  He does this with everything, even if I show him a giraffe he will point to his room because his giraffe is up there or go find his giraffe. 

He is trying to count but cant say one, two, basically makes the sounds that emulate the one and two rhythm of counting.  Same with the alphabet.  He can say some letters a, e, o…but follows the rhythmic sound of saying the alphabet.

I think the thing that really caught us off guard was a month ago I hear him "singing" and saying what sounds like "baa baa" and "twinkle".  I started singing baa baa black sheep and twinkle twinkle little star and he just beamed with a smile got it mom, you understood me!!  I asked his teacher if they were learning that at school and she said yes but since he only goes one day a week he has only heard those songs twice!  And he was already singing it home. Come on, that is fantastic!!

So basically, Henry is just talking up a storm right now and really trying to say more.  I mean nearly every other day Terry & I are asking each other “so, did you know/hear him say XXXX?”  It is really cool to get to hear and watch!

Way to go little buddy!!  We are SO proud of you!!


This list below is mainly for my reference and I am sure I am missing a few, but these are most of the words he knows.  I would say half of these have all been learned in the last 4-6 weeks!!!

Mommy, Daddy, Jeremy (Jeremy is so random because he has only met this person twice and he just started saying his name!!)
Dads at work, moms at work
Train – choo choo
Truck or trucky
Drink or drinky
I did it
I do it
I get it
I didn’t do it/get it
Mommy cook :-)
Dad no help ;-)
Stop it (probably the cutest and most annoying thing he says!!)
All Gone
All Done
Night Mom
Baa Baa

Trying and almost has: shoe, thank you, milk, bye, eye, bed, eat

Unfortunately/fortunately he still signs please and more.

**Update: I read some other sights and I guess they should say 50-75 and understand 75-200 by two.  That sounds more reasonable for a two year old!


  1. No way,

    "They say by two they should know 75-200 words and phrases."

    That's a lot of words. Maybe they should 'know' those words, meaning you say "where are your shoes" and they point or go get them, but to say that many words at 2? No way. That's probably a genius kid. ;)

    I think Henry sounds like he's speaking amazing for his age. I don't even keep track of Vincent's words. We do hear a new word sometimes and say "Hey, I think he said ____". Ha. Poor 3rd kid. He'll talk when he's ready. For now, I'm okay that 90% of the time it's "Mamamamamamama" or "Car!!!!".

  2. Of course he's talking! :-)

    I think one of the hardest things about being a parent is 'rolling with it'. Not comparing (not that you are). Not double and triple checking every milestone/guideline/etc. All kids are different. Each one has his or her own internal clock.

    Even now, one of the things I love most about BB is that he won't try something unless he can do it. He doesn't practice things. He thinks about them and once he's confident that he can do them, he does. He was like that with talking. He didn't know a few words and build. It was like, one day he couldn't talk and the next he could! He was watching and listening and learning; when he felt ready, he jumped in! But that personality is different than a lot of kids. Others practice and gradually improve. It's not a black and white process.

    Another example, walking a balance beam. BB didn't want to do it unless he could. He watched. He learned. He mentally processed. And then he did it first time through. Not better than other kids, just different.