Monday, August 19, 2013

Twenty Days

In twenty days my sweet little boy turns two.

You guys, he will be TWO!!


In some ways I already see him as two.  This weekend we were talking about his age and someone mentioned him being one, and I had to stop and think about that.  I forgot he is still ONE!  He looks and seems SO much older than that. 

But on the other hand, I am having a harder time with him turning two then I did when he turned one.  I totally loved and embraced him turning one.  It was a relief in some ways and I still had my baby when he turned one.  But two, well even though he will always be my “baby” figuratively, he is no longer a baby.  He is a little boy.  A little boy with this booming personality and growing independence and he is becoming his own person, the person he will be for the rest of his life!!! 

Ok, perhaps a bit dramatic….but still, it is just crazy to me to get to see and think about and the fact that he will be two and is now this little toddler with his own thoughts and feelings and personality.  He no longer LOOKS like a baby.  He no longer ACTS like a baby.  I mean, last week he told me to "STOP" and held out his hand and I was not allowed in the bathroom to help him wash his hands.  He HAD to do it by himself while I watched in the distance.  What’s next, I will be asked to walk 20 steps behind him in public?!?!


This child who makes me laugh EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

This child who is as sweet as can be.

Feeding his monkey...he loves his stuffed animals.

 Holding my hand.

This child who always wants to be on me or cuddling me.

This child who is so cool.

This child who is so silly.

This child who loves to explore.

This child who is a total techy.

This child who is independent.

This child who just does his own thang.

 His hand in a cup of water while he watches TV. Uh, why not?!

This child who is SO big.

This child who just makes my heart so full.

This child will be TWO in three weeks.



  1. 20 days?!?! Wow. I love all the photos. And how he has his hand in water, while he watches funny and SO V. He would do the same thing and then look at you like What?!?! This is totally normal. Ha. So cute.

  2. Happy Birthday, little guy! I love the pictures!