Monday, August 05, 2013

This and That Monday

* I strongly dislike Mondays.  That is it.

* New Blog - A Must Read:  My sister has started a fitness blog.  This first post is extremely well written and very relatable.  More than a fitness blog.   Read it HERE.

* At work last week someone brought in these large muffins.  Well I was getting some coffee when a female coworker was walking by and a male co-worker came over and said “wow, those are some muffins”.  My response was “don’t talk about J. like that at work! I am telling HR!” I also wanted to say “why thank you” but thought that would embarrass him even more than what I did say.  I think I probably need to get a filter on me, but when comments like that happen in my presence it is pretty much physically impossible for me to NOT say something!!  Luckily he laughed and thought it was funny and it was only sort of awkward. Now excuse me while I go talk to HR….. ;-)

* I like Kristen Bell. Please do not confuse with Kristen Stewart.  I believe if she met me, we would be friends, you know after my initial bout of awkwardness because that is how I am around people.  She just seems real and fun and this article talking about her post baby body….YES!!  EXACTLY.

“I like my Lincoln Leftovers because they’re proof I did something extraordinary. I gave life to my new BFF & she gave me a comical amount of midsection skin”.  “I had to surrender to not worrying about the way I looked, how much I weighed, because that’s just part of the journey of having a baby. I am not a woman whose self-worth comes from her dress size.”

Love her.

* Confession. I like to put suntan lotion on my hands or on Henry’s head/face, not for protection but because I like the smell. And I like to smell Henry’s head.

* I have this constant internal struggle with being a working mom, like I am sure every parent has. It has been really bad this summer due to the fact that Henry is now getting older and does more and I feel like I am missing so much because I work and our crazy schedule.  Because of this I have been trying to do everything possible (within reason and his temperament), whenever we have a hint of free time.  Fair Thursday night, friends Saturday evening, baseball game Sunday.  Last weekend the zoo.  Outside every evening.  If you know me you know I am NOT a social person, but for Henry/family time I am and I am ignoring my own fears and insecurities.  It has been emotional, but I am trying to soak up every opportunity I can with him and try not to miss more than I am or think I am.   It is funny the ways kids change you.

* Because of the previous point above, cleaning of the house has been….er….not something I have kept up on.  Guess something has to give…

* My son turns two in about 5 weeks. HOLY SHIT.


* We went to the first Mud Hens game with Henry.  Except for the trying to fold himself up in the chair, trying to hand out flyers to the people in front of us, wanting to go on the field to get a ball, and screaming every time we made him walk it was pretty fun!  He clapped when everyone clapped (so cute), danced a bit, and enjoyed some baseball food!  It was fun to get out of the house as a family for a free baseball game, even if we only got to watch 3.5 innings :-)  He really is such a goof!

Checking baseball STATS.

 What IS this face?!?!?!

Again, every picture he makes this face. Henry, not Terry :-)

Hope you have a good week!!!


  1. You not social? Really? I would have never guessed that.

    Sounds like you've been having fun lately!

    I like Kristen Bell too. She seems very 'real'.

  2. ERMAGERD. I loved this entire post. I could HEAR you saying all of it and it was amazing. And it was ridiculously random - which is also you - which is also awesome.

    1. The muffin comment. Who WOULDN'T have laughed? That's workplace gold.
    2. I really like Kristen Bell, too. I like Dax Shepard. They're cute.
    3. It's the not the smell of sunscreen that gets me, it the 3 years it takes to put it on. BLECH. HATE IT. OVER IT.
    4. The working mom struggle: I get it. But look at you USING YOUR TIME WISELY! You only get so many beautiful days in Ohio, I love that your spending your time with your BOYS and not with your vacuum cleaner. Nicely done.
    5. TWO YEARS OLD? SHUT UP. I mean it, stop it.
    6. I love that Taco shirt. Juan jokes are the best. I know a guy down here and he calls himself The Juan and Only. He has business cards that state that fact, too. (seriously)
    7. Henry's faces at the Mudhens game are PRICELESS. I nearly spit out my soup at the second one.

    GREAT post.

    Thanks for making my Monday tolerable.

    1. "Ermagerd" YES, thank you for starting off with that. It totally made me smile!!!

      And I am SO glad you appreciate my randomness :-)

      Our friend J. does the same thing too. It was funny the first 146 times! But a business card...well that takes it to a whole new level. He really must be the Juan and only ;-)

  3. Taco shirt. We have the same humor.

    2!>!>! Come on!

    1. I am SOOOO glad we get each other!!! :-)

  4. This was such a fun post.

    I, too, am surprised to hear that you are not a social person. (Introverts, unite!) ;)

    I totally LOVE the smell of sunscreen.

    "I am not a woman whose self-worth comes from her dress size.”--why can't they all be like that? It would (almost) change the world.

    The photo of you and H is priceless!

    1. Thank you!

      hahaha, yes! I told S. that I am so not sociable. Was a complete mess at that blogger thing last year! I think though the blogs and having a kid have really helped and pushed me out of my comfort zone, which can be a good thing. Though I would much rather be at home or with a small group. Large groups of people freak me out and are WAY too much for me to handle!! I am always a hot mess when we go out, even to the store. :)

      And yet I got a degree in event planning....