Tuesday, July 23, 2013

News That Isn't News - Hey Kids Stop Pooping Infront Of My House

Saw this article title in the news today and it got my attention.

"Man Wants Jogger To Stop Pooping On His Property."

Yep, you read that right....but how about I repeat it for you just incase....

"Man Wants Jogger To Stop Pooping On His Property."

Article and Video HERE.

Apparently this lady takes an occasional morning jog and while she gets moving other things get moving and she needs to stop and release....with no time to actually go into a business or even wipe and wash.

Besides getting over the fact of just how incredibly disgusting this is; you can't help but laugh out of pure uncomfortableness, ridiculousness, and the thought of a person actually doing this.

In my head all I am thinking is the SNL skit called "Really, with Seth and Amy".

"Really, you decide you need to pinch one off down a dirty alley and you thought this would be a good idea?!  Come on really, you couldn't hold it until you got home or to a bathroom?!  Really?!  And even if this was an emergency and happened once we may understand (not really), but it has happened at least a half a dozen times in the SAME space.  I mean really, you couldn't have at least come prepared the 3rd or 4th times with a box of wet wipes and a plastic bag?!  Or I don't know, take a dump before you leave?!  Seriously, I mean REALLY?!?!  Apparently you really really do not like this guy...or your need depends. Really."

In all "seriousness", she could have at least brought a plastic bag :-)

This has been your daily dose of news that isn't news!

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