Thursday, July 25, 2013

Talk To Me - Bicycles and Stuff

I am looking for a bike and I think I found the bike I wanted...

Uh, a "good vibrations" bike....YES PLEASE!  It got a 5 star review. Yeah, i bet it did.  Yep, this will be MY bike.  I will be working out with a big smile on my face! :-)

Now that you are either laughing, confused or uncomfortable....let's move on, shall we.


This fascinating edition of "Talk To Me..." has two parts.  First, a bike for ME (besides the one above) and second, a bike for Henry.

I want to be able to go on bike rides with Henry, plus I think it would be fun and good exercise.

So let me ask, do you have a bike?  What kind/type?

My previous was a mountain bike and I LOVED it but looking around there are SO many options.  It is overwhelming, I just want a bike. Just not this one...

How about this, do you use a bike seat for your child like this one....

or a pull behind bike trailer/seat?

Either one safer than the other?  More convenient?

And how about a bike for Henry!

We are looking at one of these, a classic radio flyer tricycle.  I mean, come one how cool is that bike?!?!

But then didn't know for his age if something like this Fisher Price Grow With Me Tricycle would be better.

What age did your kids start riding a bike?  What kind of bike did they start with?

Thank you for your feedback!

Now excuse me, I think I am going on a special bike ride...

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  1. We have both a bike seat and a bike trailer. We LOVE the bike trailer and so do our kids! Henry will love it and bonus, he'll fit in it for a very long time (until he can pedal and keep up on his own). A bike seat, on the other hand, if your kid is bigger in size, they grow out of fast. We bought one used this summer for V and at 1.5, he's already big for it. No way he'll fit next summer. For longevity purposes, to get your money worth, go bike trailer. The kids think it's way more fun too.

    I'd get Henry a classic trike. Probably last longer and have better resale value. They make one with a handle that you can push them til they learn to pedal. E and V have that and love it. S was a few months past 3 when she learned to pedal a trike and E still hasn't learned at nearly 3.5. She has no interest whatsoever. Now V, he tries every week to pedal the trike. His legs are just a tad too short yet, but I could totally see him figuring it out by the time he's two. All kids are different.