Monday, April 01, 2013

Weight Loss Challenge, Reactivated in 3…2….1….

Do you remember that one time I started a weight loss blog and I was attempting to lose weight?  Yeah, it was awhile ago so I am sure you have long forgotten.  But to recap, back in August of 2009 I started losing weight after seeing pictures of myself that made me cry.  I had lost some weight and in January 2010 I felt encouraged to keep going and wanted a place to track my weight loss and find support, as well as give support to others who were in a similar position.  During the short length of my blog (August 2009 – October 2010) I lost 50 pounds. 

The blog is called Weighty Issues. HERE.

The title reflects the fact that I have had many issues with my weight my entire life.  Not only have I been extremely heavy I have also been thin.  However in both cases, the perception of myself was always off.  Meaning; even when I was thin I didn’t see myself that way.  Infact I had more issues with my appearance when I was thin compared to when I was bigger.   I have battled with mild eating disorders, self esteem, and major perception issues.  It has been a constant struggle most of my life.

But, like in 2009, I see picture of myself today and cry.  I actually avoid taking full picture with my son or husband because I don’t want to see or remember myself that way.  The problem.  I don’t want to look back at a bunch of pictures of just my son without me in them.  Heaven forbid something ever happens to me….I want him to remember me.  I want him to see me happy.  And even if nothing happens to me, I still want him to see me happy and not as someone who gets angry because of the way I look.  I never want Henry to see me act that way or have my issues with my body be imposed on him. 

Now that he is older I want to run with him, I want to take him to a water park and not sit on the side because I am embarrassed to be seen, I want to climb on the jungle gym with him without worrying if I am too big, I just want to be happy with the way I look and not even THINK about my weight.


SO, here we go again.  I have moved to a better place mentally the last few months and my motivation couldn't be any clearer.  

I am ready to do this.  I NEED to do this.  And I am hoping the accountability of using this forum as a place to track my progress with be the kick in the ass that I need.

If you have time, please visit my blog here.  I have posted my first, new post.

If you are also trying to get healthier; whether it is losing weight, exercising more or just eating better….please feel free to share your journey in the comments section of my posts.  Perhaps we can all motivate each other!

I hope to share my progress for the week ever Sunday night or Monday morning!


  1. Go Jenn, Go! You can do it!!!

    I think we all have self perception issues, regardless of our 'size'...especially after kids. :-/

    I wish we lived closer...I would be your exercise buddy. I've lost any drive due to complete lack of sleep. I get winded walking up and down our stairs...not good. :(

    1. Thank you!!

      I responded in an email :)

  2. Jenn! I am happy to see this blog active again. You know I love it and I can absolutely relate. You can DO IT!! You are truly self motivated and that is important. Don't beat yourself up - we all go through the up and down of weight loss. I am here for you and wish you the best of luck!


      It can be so frustrating, but nothing will get accomplished if I continue getting mad about it and not do anything.

      Hopefully I can get back on track! :)

  3. You can DO IT! You can and you WILL! I look forward to reading more, keep it up!