Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I Think We See It Time And Time Again....

....That even in the wake of such a tragedy that was propelled by what I can only see as pure evil and hate, we see pure love and kindness from the greater part of people out there.

In those minutes, the minutes where we feel all hope is lost, people come together to prove that love and compassion for our fellow man lives on and is stronger than ever.  In the tears of those that have been hurt or from the families of those that were lost forever and from all those whose lives will be forever changed from one act of cruelty, we see compassion from complete strangers who are offering to mend a wound, a shoulder to cry on, a place to sleep, or whatever support they can provide.

Whether it is because of natural disasters from Katrina to Sandy or from senseless and horrific events like the 9/11 terrorist attacks to recent public shootings and now to this bombing; we prove time and time again that no matter what religion, political background, race, or connection to those affected that we will come together in the face of such devastation to help and/or lend support however we can.

When things like this happen I think of my family. I think of my friends.  I think of my husband.  I think of my son.

I think HOW? WHY?

I think of what this world has come to and wonder where it is going.  I wonder how we can continue to live in a world filled with so much hate and violence.   I get scared.  I get angry.  I get sad.

But then I have to stop and remember that we will never understand why, nor is it in most of our nature to understand why.  Sure we can and should get angry and be sad and try to figure out why it happened.  But it is the goodness and compassion that we have inside of us that will prevail.  I know it sounds like some naive outlook, but we cannot become numb to this.  We can not accept this as OK.  And we can not let our children grow up in a world where violence towards others is the answer or the way to prove a point or get people to listen.

We must continue to help our fellow man.  We must continue to be the best people we can be and make sure our children show even more compassion than us and are better at resolving conflict than us.

Even in the midst of such a tragedy I still have hope.  I need to have hope.  Hope that things will get better and differences will be put aside for the greater good of all of us.  Hope in the good of people.  Hope in the future.  Hope in our children. Hope that these evil acts will not bring us down or tear us apart even more.

And it is with that hope, that I send my deepest and most sincere thoughts and prayers to those affected by the senseless act of yesterday.   There is nothing that any of us can say to make things better, but we are here and our hearts go out to each of you.

I wrote this blog, not to sound preachy but because I wanted to write it.  It is how I feel and want to remember how I feel.


  1. So eloquently written.
    So heartfelt.

    My friend, I'm with you.

    I refuse to believe that this is the our "new normal."

    My heart is *broken*. And It seems like these days, our collective heart is breaking so often. :(

    I will continue to believe in a higher power. I will continue to teach my girls empathy. I will continue.

    I hope and pray that these families who have been touched by this; the runners who witnessed this; that they can do the same.

  2. Hug, Jenn.

    Natural instincts in this tragedy were to reach out and help and do more good. There's still a lot of hope in this world. We should focus on that.