Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Talk to Me – Diapers

So a quick question – what diapers do you recommend using?  What brand worked best for you?  Does a certain type of brand work better depending on the age of the child?  Any brand/s to avoid?  Any other information I should know when choosing diapers?

Things like diapers we were going to start buying in small quantities now when there are good sales, just to stock up a little bit so we do not have big expenses like that once the baby is born. 

Ok, I apologize for all these posts about being pregnant.  I promise I will blog about other things too but there will be some posts about pregnancy and baby stuff mixed in as well.  It is tough because I have a million questions about this new phase and I really appreciate the feedback, but I also have other stuff I want to share that is not pregnancy related…..just at the moment this is what is on my mind!


  1. it seems like people have pretty big opinions based on whether their kid is a boy or a girl, for example we use huggies or costco brand while my sister-in-law experienced leakage with those brands for our niece but they loved pampers. so, the parts making the pee make a difference somewhat.

    we mostly use huggies or costco 'kirkland' brand and i haven't noticed a problem with either of them. i loved the pampers swaddlers for the first few weeks because they sell a special kind with a wetness indicating line on the outside. it turns blue and it is AMAZING.

    i've also heard pretty good things about target brand. seventh generation ones work fine but are $$$.

    we use about 50% disposable 50% cloth. i like both. cloth is not as annoying as it sounds.

  2. Anonymous8:53 AM

    Pampers all the way! :-)

  3. I agree with grumbles.. I think it depends on the parts! I have 3 and both boys leaked out of most except Huggies! They were our saving grace! Now my daughter did fine in Luvs, they aren't cheep and they are not expensive.

    P.S. I love posts about pregnancy, babies, and belly's! It is whats going on in your life...thats why I read :)

  4. I think diapers are a personal preference. Each kid is different. My girls' bodies don't do well with Huggies. They leak and are super bulky. HOWEVER, Huggies makes the BEST overnight diapers. Those are great.

    We use Pampers during the day. Love them. Swaddlers are awesome for newborns and Cruisers are great for crawlers/toddlers. I use Luvs for a few months in the 2-5 month range because they are great too and a lot cheaper.

    I've heard great things about Target diapers, but they are very similar to Huggies and they just don't work well for my girls.

    I love hearing about babies. ;)

  5. loved Pampers swaddlers b/c they have a "newborn" size which is perfect for a newborn (shocking, right?) and fit way better than a size 1 diaper if baby is on the smaller side (my girls were both 6 lbs at birth). then we moved to Pampers cruisers. Then Huggies Pull Ups (b/c they had Princesses on them!).

  6. Pampers swaddlers are phenomenal for newborns. I love them! I use them faithfully for our girls when they're in newborn and size 1.

    After that, I head to Costco and buy huggies. I only buy Kirkland's wipes, though - they're scent-free and SO much bigger/thicker than the name-brand ones. (At least they are here in Mexico.

    Note: The sizing of diapers is CRAZY different in the States versus Mexico. The diapers in the States are WAY bigger than the same sized ones here... Crazy.

  7. I personally like Huggies best, but agree with everyone else about each kid being different. We've used Pampers and Loves and some other cheap-o brand and they all worked fine for Joss, I just like the feel/texture of Huggies best. They seem softer and more cloth-like than the rest, those feel more plastic-like.

    The "wet" line on the littler sizes of pampers is pretty awesome, though!

  8. Anonymous7:59 PM

    Pampers swaddlers for the newborn and then Huggies all the way! As Ethan got bigger, the pampers just didn't fit well and we had leakage ALL THE TIME.

    Good idea to buy along the way. We did the same and we also bought a few in the next sizes up to have on hand when the time came to move to a bigger diaper.

    Time flys...Ethan is now in pull ups! (Huggies brand BTW).

    Jen S.

  9. Lindsay6:42 PM

    I have a girl and a boy and have used huggies with both. We use the snug and dry huggies and don't care for any other type of huggies. Pampers leaked horribly with both kids.

    My daughter is 7 and when she was in diapers Sam's was the cheapest place to buy huggies. But with my 1 year old son I can usually get the best deal at Babies R Us because of being able to combine their coupons with the manufacturers coupon.