Thursday, April 21, 2011

Boy or Girl, Which Will OUR Baby Be?! Well We Know……

So it is pretty darn official, considering our ultrasound tech handed us a circumcision brochure as we left the office (haha)…we are having a BOY!!!!


Looks like most of you knew it too :)

No matter which it was we were going to be equally as thrilled, but actually SEEING our baby and now KNOWING our baby instead of calling him “it” just makes everything 10 times more real.  It is weird just HOW real this feels now. 

I was wondering about myself because up until this point I was excited but didn’t feel that strong connection to the baby.  I mean I called him something generic, couldn’t feel him move much or that noticeably, and didn’t always feel like he was “there”.   Over the last week the excitement for actually finding out made me feel so much closer to our baby and today, as I laid in the office and she told us, I filled with this emotion I had yet to feel up to this point.  Tears of joy filled my eyes because not only was our baby healthy but from this point on we will not be calling our piglet “it” but by his NAME, a name that holds so much sentimental value to both of us.  This is real and now feels real.

SO, are you sharing his name you ask? Yes.  We have had this name picked out for YEARS so no need to "hide" it any longer.

His name is Henry Donald H.!!! 

Henry was my grandpa’s name and Donald was Terry’s grandpa’s name and both of these men were strong and amazing individuals who met SO much to each of us.  Both of our grandpa’s passed away before Terry and I started dating but we are excited to carry on their memory and give such a strong name to our son! (OUR SON – AHHHHH!)

So the details of the appointment.

Well overall, everything went well and Henry is healthy. PHEW! I was more anxious about this than anything else.  At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what the gender is, as long as our little one is HEALTHY! 

The heartbeat was 143bpm.  He had a nice, strong heartbeat.  He weighs 12 ounces.  I forget how long he is or if they told us that….I was totally distracted!  He is still on schedule for his due date in September.  The only issue was that our sweet, stubborn baby boy was ALL CURLED UP IN A BALL!  His feet were above, yes ABOVE his head.  His knees were by his face and his face was pretty much buried between his legs.  Now while this gave a PERFECT view of his, well junk (seriously, it was all just hanging out there plain as day to see…that’s terry’s boy) it also made it difficult to see the rest of his body.  We saw some cute little feet and toes, a cute butt and his junk.  Great :)  We may go back in a few weeks for another ultrasound to see if the ultrasound tech can get a better view of the spine (she tried everything!).  Not that there were any concerns because she said everything looked great, just want to make sure.

I wish we had a picture to share, but because of how tight our baby was wrapped up and how incredibly LOW he was, the pictures make him look like a black and white blob.  Maybe in a few weeks! 

This is getting SO fun now!  A mini-Terry....well now that is just awesome.

On a side note: how can babies be comfortable like that?!  I get they are all cartilage and stuff but how was he comfortable like that?!  The wonderful ultrasound tech said she sees that a lot, especially at this age.  She said the positions babies get in is very funny to see!  LOVE IT!


  1. AH! I just got chills!

    and I only read the top few I'll go back and read the rest!

  2. WOOT WOOOOTTT!!!!!!!! AND he has a NAME!!!! AHHHHHH!

    i was a lot like you, once we had a sex and therefore name it was easier to take this seriously.

  3. I adore the name Henry. I love it.

    And what a perfect tribute to both of your Grandfathers.

    Oh, what fun!

  4. How exciting! Isn't that the best ultrasound?!?! I love that one.

    ...and I LOVE his name.

    Glad to hear everything is going so well!

  5. Yes!

    Go Team Blue!!

  6. I'm going to start looking for rock band t-shirts for the little quirt!

    As I told you, I adore his name. It suits you both perfectly, and it suits the new little one. This is all so exciting!



    (I love his name.)

    Oh, amiga. You're going to be an incredible Mommy.

  8. Boy's steel a mother's heart! So happy for you both!

    Henry is classic! Love it!

  9. You've had this name for so long, it just HAD to be a boy.

    HH - gotta love the alliteration!

    So fun.

  10. LOVE IT! Congrats on your baby boy!! A mini

    HDH - nice.

  11. I've read this post AGAIN. I am just so happy for you.



  13. yay for the health (and flexibility) of your baby boy!! September will be here before you know it.