Thursday, April 07, 2011

Love/Hate Relationship - Product Review

So I went to the doctor this week as I have had a cold since last week and I wanted to check things out.  The doctor told me it was just a cold and there wasn’t any medicine I could take (Tylenol Cold has been recalled) but instead told me to try a saline nasal spray.

Basically, the spray will help flush out my sinus cavities and keep them moistened (ew) which will help prevent a sinus infection which can happen when the sinus cavities become clogged from things such as a cold.  She said it was over the counter and perfectly safe as it was just pure saline and may help relieve the congestion I had.  So I gave it a try!

Product Description - Simply Saline Adult Nasal Mist helps clear congestion, dust and debris while improving the ability to smell and gain clearer breathing. Nasal and sinus irrigation reduces nasal blockages and improves nasal airflow. Relief from the symptoms of the common cold, irritants and dryness is gained quickly.

Let me tell you, I have a Love/Hate relationship with this product.  You basically stick the end up your nose and tilt your head to the side and then spray a stream of saline up your nose. (Don't be fold by the word MIST on the bottle, it doesn't feel like a mist when it is up your nose!) When I start getting congested I just stick that sucker up there and give it a few good sprays.  Why do I hate it?  Well because it feels SO weird.  It is cold and it makes my eyes water and my nose instantly runs.  I mean who likes the feelings of water in their nose?!  Not me that’s fo sho…I HATE IT.  Seconds before I do this I may whine a little bit to myself because I know what is coming and I just don’t want to do it!  Yes, I act like a child at times.

However, it is SO worth it.  This really makes me feel better, even if it is just for a couple hours.  I am sure it is similar to a neti pot, though I still don’t have the courage to try that and I am sure the Neti Pot would actually be more effective than this product.  But for me, this works and works well.  After I use it all this mucus comes out of my nose (again, ew) and it feels SO GOOD.  I can breathe again and everything up in there feels cleaned out!   

Even though I hate it for the minute or two that I am using this product I do love the outcome.  Who knew cleaning out your sinus cavities could feel so wonderful!  I think I may continue to use this during allergy season to help avoid congestion and sinus issues.

I recommend this to people who do not feel comfortable using the neti pot but who also have allergy and sinus issues....your sinuses will thank me!


  1. yep, yep, same stuff we have for jude. it works on babies too, just about the only thing you can do when they have a cold.

    i tried it once, but i was freaked out by the dripping.

    (also, i found out that pharmacies have store-brand versions of the tylenol cold and sinus, with the same ingredients. WOOOOOO!)

  2. Good to know you can use this on babies when they are sick! I am sure they *love& it :) And the dripping totally sucks.

    That is great to know, my pharmacist never mentioned that when I asked him if there was anything else I could take. He must just want to see me SUFFER!

  3. We use this with Joss too, she doesn't love it so much, but it DOES work.

    Me however, I prefer the neti pot to this can of forced saline. I think the neti pot is a little less forceful(?).

  4. hmmm, so the Neti Pot is less forceful than this? See the Neti Pot scares me but if I like the result of this I wonder if I would like that!

    I guess I am late on this but good to know someday for our kid!