Friday, April 08, 2011

She Created A Monster!! I Am Addicted to This Website!!

So the lovely twopretzels innocently enough sent me a few websites yesterday that have great deals on kids and womens clothes.  I browsed a couple sites then got to Zulily and the browsing stopped and the buying began!  Oh my goodness, I LOVE this website.....and fear I will love it more once we know the gender.

We have bought a couple cute outfits that have been onsale but we will most likely get  stuff at thrift stores and garage sales over the summer, plus we also wanted to wait till I was farther along before we really bought more.  Well that stopped when I saw these lovely things for only $3.49 each!!  (Regular $14.99....even Amazon doesn't have them cheaper than $9.99) I have seen how expensive onesie's can can not beat this deal!!

Look at these....

LOVE THEM!  I am a HUGE Fan of Dr. Seuss and therefore our child MUST wear these!  We got multiples of each.  We also found some other onesie's that were gender neutral and onsale.

I also got myself a belly band that was originally $29.99 for $14.49! 

Then today, just hours after buying this stuff I go back and take a look and see what sales they have today and see these aprons that I am in LOVE with!

Aren't they adorable?!  They are only $14.49!  Since it is not about me right now and I will not even be able to wear one of these in a few months without looking like a giant balloon I am practicing control and not getting one, but come awesome are they?  Plus, shouldn't a mom have an apron?! (No Jenn, NO.)

Yep, I think Kylee created a monster as I am just loving this website!!


  1. It's an addiction.

    I get emails from zulily, hautelook, gilt and rue la la EVERY morning and I seriously read them first thing to see what I need.

    It's an illness.

    I'm sorry.

    Tell T. I'm sorry, too. :)

  2. Awesome :)

    And don't be sorry, it is fantastic! Even T. was rather thrilled and told me to buy MORE of some of the onesie's instead of the one of each I was going to buy. What is up with that?!

    When I asked if he was sure he simply said, "well the child is going to need clothes, right?"

    I can NOT argue with that logic.


    Do you have HBO? Have you seen the miniseries Mildred Pierce? I am loving it - and the era! Those aprons remind me of it. My husband has a weird fantasy of me being in kitchen with an apron. I think it's because I never cook so he'd be excited if I actually made him something. HAH!

  4. Online shopping is awesome. Kylee is the master.