Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Poll Time – What Are We Having?!

I can’t believe it is already that time in the pregnancy, the time where we will get to find out what we are having!  I am fairly certain at this point it is infact a human baby.  There was that one weekend where I got really drunk and passed out on a farm, but I am 92% certain nothing happened…..though that goat was looking at me funny when I left in the morning. Hmmmm

Anywho, since we are fairly certain know it is a human baby I thought I would do a poll and see what YOU all thought the gender was going to be.  For those thinking, “Hey Jenn why would I know?”!  Well who knows, maybe you have some kind of psychic ability or maybe you are like me and even though you are guessing you like the feeling you get when you get it right! 

As this is our first, I honestly have no reason to think one way or another what the gender is and have had NO thoughts what the gender is.  I even had my first baby dream the other night since getting pregnant and it was of us in the ultrasound room finding out the gender.  The ultrasound tech was going through her normal stuff and we get to the reveal and she is about to tell us and a bunch of birds fly in the room and we have to leave.   I have no idea what that means, but even in my dreams I am not making a guess!   

I do wonder if that because we have had a boy name picked out for years and would like to use it because of the sentimental value and we cannot agree on a girl’s name that maybe it could be a girl…or maybe because we have our boy name it could be a boy!!  I don’t know, and honestly I just don’t want to guess.  I know it is cliché but I don’t care what we are having and I really just want a healthy baby, no complications, and I want to make it through this process as healthily as possible.  Plus, I don’t want to have my heart set that it is one gender then feel bad if it is the other gender.

SO because I refuse to guess, but still LOVE hearing what you all have to say and think it is fun to guess…..I will leave that all up to you!  Go ahead and leave your comments and/or vote on the side of the blog!  I will be finding out next week on April 21st, the day before my birthday!


  1. i'm going with Girl. for no reason whatsoever. but that is where my vote is going.

  2. BOY! Head-banging boy.

  3. BOY.

    Bank on it.

    How fun that you find out right before your birthday!

  4. GIRL.

    Why? I have no idea. Maybe because I think Terry needs some more estrogen around there. Bahaha!

  5. Boy! Just a gut feeling. I need to picture a little spiked hair boy escorting his Mama to concerts :)

  6. (um, my last word verification was: INDIFFRE. how crazy?)

  7. I am saying daughter. She will be the coolest, nerdiest, most spastic little girl. I will make her play D&D with me. She will love metal. Her lullaby at night will be the Doctor Who theme. And she will love to bake.

    You have no choice in the matter. This is how things will be. Don't ruin this for me with your parenting.

  8. I am saying Girl. With all the daughters of bloggers, let's keep it going!

    I love Ellius' comment!

  9. Boy.

    It's a boy.

    You might as well start buying boy clothes.


    I'm so excited.