Sunday, January 09, 2011

Photo Challenge: Day 05 & 06

My apologies for being away from blogging, but I hope everyone had a wonderful and very happy Christmas and New Year. 2011, already?! WHAT?!

Incase you forgot as it has been awhile, I was blogging the photo challenge I found on other blogs.  It really is no longer much of a challenge as slow as I am at completing it, but I hope you enjoy nevertheless!

Day 05: A photo that makes you laugh.

In college I completed my internship at a resort on St. Pete Beach in Florida. It was over the summer and it had its perks but overall was very hard and alot of 14 hour days 6 days a week in the heat and of course Florida rain and humidity.  During the summer we worked in different areas of the kids club at the resort.  The best was when I got to dress up as the resorts mascot.  If parents requested I would tuck their kids in at night and give them a little Beaker Doll (the birds name). That was the best.  I may or may not have jumped on the bed once and got the kids all wound up instead of tucking them in....oops, my bad :)

During my turn as Beaker I would also walk around for 45 minutes or so through the resort and take pictures with the kids and make them laugh. I really loved doing that and seeing the expression on the kids faces....even though I was in a costume that stunk, was never cleaned, and that was so hot because you could hardly breathe and it was the summer in freak'n Florida!!  But it really made me smile EVERY time I wore it for the kids.  I had more pictures, including one with my dad that I can not find right now....but these will do.  The first is me after a kids tuck back at the hotel room I stayed in and the second is me posing with one of the other interns during our walk through the resort.  These make me laugh every time.

Day 06: A photo of someone you love.

There are many many people I love, most importantly my family. However, I love my husband for just being himself and being there for me through everything.  Yes things get hard and frustrating at times, marriage isn't easy.  But I can't imagine being on this journey with anyone else. 

This is the man I married and I LOVE him exactly how he is!

(P.S. He never takes a serious picture....yes he was making this face on purpose.)


  1. I LOVE that photo of Terry in his rabbit-fur hat, a winter coat, gloves, and girly rain boots; he makes me laugh SO hard when he does stuff like that.

    I'm glad you picked a good one, there.

  2. These are fantastic.

    For so many reasons.