Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Guess Who Is Blogging Again?!?! (Hint: She is Nearly As Awesome As I Am)


Yep, she has put down her calculator & math books, tossed aside her D&D dice, and dusted off her keyboard so that after 9 months she can once again share her insight and wit with us on the interweb!

Now she does have a new blog as I suppose it is a new start for her.  Her new blog is called Facing Forward(Link in post and on sidebar) Please read her blog as she is funny, talented, charming, good looking, awesome....basically everything I am but just a smidgen less.  It isn't her fault, she is just the younger sister so can't be AS awesome as I am.

So check out her blog!  She promised that this is not a temporary thing and that she won't be a blog tease again.


  1. I think I laughed through the entirety of your blog. It started off with the D&D dice, bravo on that one!

    Thank you for the welcoming post! Yes, I am back. And you are right, no, this isn't temporary.

  2. Oh fun. I shall re-add her to my blog roll. FUN! Welcome back, K!

  3. I was just thinking about her blog not too long ago! I shall re-add her as well!

  4. D&D dice sounds so dirty! haha

    Welcome back - what is the story with the name "Ellius?"