Monday, January 10, 2011

I Love – Hair Styling Tools Edition

So before the Holidays I bought this little gem, the Bed Head Wave Artist styling tool.

I have to say I looooove it!  It is not too often I get to talk about beauty/hair products I enjoy as I hardly wear makeup and wear my hair up 98% of the time.  So needless to say I was excited to share this!

I love the "wave" look.  I love the messy, I just got out of bed and am not even trying waves.  The ever so subtle, barely there waves. The very much there pageant queen waves.  And my favorite, the hair up in a wild bun with hair all over the place crazy waves. Yep, I love the look.  I do have naturally wavy hair, however my hair can very easily go from cute to frizzy in about 10 seconds even getting anywhere near a window or the outside.  And if I add product then I just have crunchy 80's hair.

But no more....not with this product!  In just a few minutes I can create as defined or as subtle waves as I would like.  See, this is me experimenting the first day I got it.

Full on view....

Getting closer....

...and closer.

This is even me right after I woke up the next morning and I did nothing to my hair (I promise)!  Love it.

 I have even been messing around with styles and sometimes just do a few strands here and there for just a couple seconds to give a little body as well as some cute and casual "updos".  (No pictures...sorry)

Now I used this on my sister's hair who has finer hair than mine. (Mine is thick) And while on my hair I got very distinct curls quickly (holding for the count of 5) like in the top pictures, I had to hold the iron alot longer to get a more distinct curl for her.  And even then it was a slightly looser curl....kind of like the picture when I just woke up.  So basically, if your hair holds curl well or has natural curl...beware as just a few seconds is all you need (don't want to look like a puff ball!) and for people with finer hair that may not hold curl as well, you will typically get a loser wave.

However, I must say for me.....I looooove this product and highly recommend it for anyone who likes that wave look and wants it done easily and quickly!  It is $30 and you can find it at Amazon, Meijer, Target and Wal-Mart.

Also, before I ever curl my hair I use Silk Elements Megasilk Olive Heat Protection Spray from Sally Beauty. LOVE this stuff and just a little bit works wonders in protecting your hair from heat damage. It is about $7 a bottle.

So if you want hair with waves get the Bed Head Wave Artist!

Pros: Heats up fast. Made of ceramic to help control frizz (which it does very well). Easy to use. Curls quickly.

Cons: No where to really hold the product while you are squeezing it shut. Large.


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  2. Look at you pretty lady!

    Your hair looks great! LOVE LOVE LOVE the wave action! I love my short hair because it's easy-peasy to do but I'd love to implant your hair to my head just to see what I'd look like with long hair! haha that's not creepy at all IS IT?!

  3. Yes, I'm still thinking about this hair thing. So tell me, do you wrap it around the curling iron? How does it work exactly?

  4. OMG, your hair looks incredible!!

    OK, I'm about two seconds away from running to Target and snapping this up immediately.

    However, it takes me approximately 25 minutes just to DRY my hair. Am I committed enough to do this every day? Um, not even close.

    If I could get my hair to look like that, it might be worth it, though. Sigh.

  5. Thanks ladies! You are too kind :)

    Ky, it is like a flat iron or, dare I say, crimper! You just start at the scalp, put the hair in, hold for a few seconds and move down the strand of hair kinda matching the wave pattern. It is actually wide enough that I can do a section of hair in 3, maybe 4 on the back, "crimps". Seriously, it is so a crimper.

    And no joke, I can do all of my hair in about 6-8 minutes....about 4 if I just want a soft wave! As I have no patience for anything longer, this is perfect!

    And WP, it also takes me forever to dry my hair. But I do not wash my hair every day and as this will last in some form for about 3 days I figure if I dry my hair on a sunday I got monday - wed to do the wave. And believe me, I do not do this every way. But it is fun for weekends or when I have time to do something more with my hair!

    P.S. There is also a pink one that looks similar from Bed Head. It has two different wave settings but I am not sure if it is better....I like the teal one.

  6. it's SO CUTE!!! love this hair and the fact that you can wake up and look fantastic the next morning.