Thursday, July 29, 2010

Terry-ism: Reason # 1,487 Why I LOVE This Man

I came home the other day after work to see Terry chill’n (yes chill'n, not chilling) on the couch watching TV. I sit down beside him and notice he is watching Bewitched circa Darrin #2 and the following conversation takes place:

Me: “Watching Bewitched, huh?”
T: “No.”
Me: “Terry I see it on the TV, what do you mean you are not watching it?”
T: “I was really watching this.” Switches to a different channel.
Me: “What is this?”
T: “Charmed. Bewitched is my back up channel for when there are commercials.”

The conversation basically ended there because all I could really do was smile. Yes my long haired, metal head husband watches Charmed & Bewitched. It has been 10 years together and he is still an enigma to me.

I love you Terry.


  1. Nothing wrong with watching a bunch of witches!

  2. He's diverse. Way to go Terry.