Saturday, February 13, 2010

Two Cats, A Bored Girl, A Camera, and A Blog.

Ok, I am officially bored.

T. is in class 2 evenings a week after work, 10:30-6:30 Saturdays, and works sundays and though I do chores around the house when I am alone, I may have a little too much time on my hands. What do I do when I am bored….I annoy my cats by taking a crazy amount of pictures of them. (You know how some of your pets pose when they see the camera, well the other day I got it out and Belle actually ran away…..damn, I wish I would have gotten a picture of that.)

I know there are people who may not be fans of cats but I have two of the cutest cats ever. (Insert: That's what they all say.) They are like a cross between a dog, a cat, a bunny, and a wild boar. It is awesome. They are not these boring cats that just hid and sleep all day, no sirs; they want you to know they are here and will do anything to get your attention. Of course they also do just sleep all day but they look very cute while doing so.  We have also determined that Sebastian is alot like Terry, pretty chill but can also be a grumpy old man at times.  Belle, so they say, is like me...a bit spazzy, a bit annoying, a bit needy, and totally adorable! (I may have added that last one) And as my blog is entitled wrestling kitties I feel that it is my duty (haha, duty) to post pictures of my cats and will be doing this on a more regular basis. I am so bored I have even taken the time to put captions under the pictures. (Note: I am not a crazy cat lady yet HOWEVER when T. goes away for a year to finish school and if I am posting pictures of my cats every day…. then I may need an intervention. I'm just say'n.)

This is Sebastian. "Think thin, think a little help here."
This is Belle.  "I am practicing how to be cat-tortionist."
These pictures happened within a course of 10 minutes. 
She just likes to see how much he will take.

"Hey, does this bother you?!"

"No?  Ok, I will just sleep like this for awhile."

"What if I do this with all my paws, will that be a problem?"

"What about i too close?"

"How about I just hug you like this.  I feel I need to be this close to you."

"No reaction at all....well what if I bite you now!"
Shortly after, he got off the couch and she slept in the middle of the couch for hours.


"Aw...this is the life.  Where is my SPF 45 and glass of milk?"

"What are you looking at?!  This is between the two of us."

"I really really hate you right now."

"No, you go ahead and take a few more pictures. I am fine."

"Do you think we are freaking them out yet?"

"Holy Shit did you see the size of that rabbit?!"

Um, ok I think I am done....for now.


  1. Is that large cat ass on your sister's face?

  2. It is on Terry's face! T. is the only one who has gotten Sebastian's starfish stamp of approval on their face. (Thank goodness.)

  3. Darn. I saw the glasses and I was hoping it was hers. Although judging by his size, I think it might be better that it was T.

  4. Cat-tortionist! Ha!

  5. I love all of these photos! But the captions are what make this post!

    Nah, you don't seem bored at all! :)

  6. I love the pics and the CAPTIONS!! Better than LOL catz if you ask me :)

    I used to have a cat and she is no longer with us :( so these pics are a treat.

  7. I'm officially a dog person, but this post was fabulous. :) (Your babies are adorable.) Bring on the cat pics and captions!