Monday, February 15, 2010

I Was Just Wondering….

How old is too old to want to go to the new Harry Potter theme park at Universal Studios?!

I know the answer has to be nowhere close to 30 so I am safe, right?! (Terry told me 15…whatever, what does he know anyways.)

I was also wondering, how old is too old to go to the new Harry Potter theme park AND dress up like a wizard?!

Again, I am most likely fine but maybe I will just take our Marauder's Map and wand as I would hate to come off as too much of a dork. Plus it is hard to wear a cape and hat while you play quidditch.


  1. Uh, my husband would agree with you here. He said he's going and taking our baby since I don't have much of an interest.

    Terry and I will get together and laugh at you guys hanging out with a bunch of pimple-faced-Jonas-brother-lovin tweens :)

  2. I waited in line at toys R us to preorder a Harry Potter book and to get a free super sweet t-shirt.

    I'd clearly be right behind you at the theme park.

  3. Is it bad that I actually have a Maurader's Map?

  4. Please call me when/if you plan on going. I'm definitely in. :)