Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Talk to Me – Don’t Be A Slouch Edition

So I don’t typically make resolutions but I think I have finally found a resolution worth making. Fixing my posture. Seriously, my posture SUCKS! I knew my posture wasn’t the best, but a few days ago I was driving in the car and Terry noticed my neck and said I had bad posture and my neck wasn’t straight! Um, what….I don’t want a curved neck!

I don’t know where my bad posture comes from, maybe because I am tall and I have felt the need to always slouch or bend over or maybe it is just because I am lazy or maybe I just have weak muscles. Whatever it is I need to fix it. So I started googling ways to fix bad posture. Of course there are tons of specialized books, pillows, and braces that are designed to help with your posture….all of which cost money and I am sure are not the most effective way to get the best posture. However, most websites did suggest some form of the following tips:

Becoming Aware (This is so true. The past couple days I have been trying to pay attention to my posture and when I slump at my desk. Let me tell you - I slouch over a lot! I have been constantly catching myself.)
Tone Muscles / Exercise (I need to do this. I have noticed that it actually hurts my back if I try to keep good posture for extended periods of time. Not good.)
Position your Head (Need to figure this out, Terry says my neck is starting to curve and therefore I can not keep my head straight. Sad.)
Position your Shoulders (Iactually like the feeling when my shoulders are back….it is like a nice stretch.)
Notice your Knees (This is hard. When I sit at a desk my legs are all over the place, I just can not sit still and sit with my legs and knees straight.)
Relax your Arms (I have monkey arms, so I am afraid if I relax them too much they will drag on the ground.)
Remain Active (Next.)
Relax (I do need to do this, Frankie said so.)

I know I am not alone in this, especially all of us that sit at a desk all day long! I have been thinking that yoga might be a good place to start, but not sure what positions are the best for helping my posture.

So I ask the question – Any tips, exercises, suggestions for getting better posture?! Anyone else have bad posture?


  1. Well, I didn't think so until I saw the pictures.

  2. It's funny that you bring this up. A couple days ago I was thinking about how probably 95% of the tall people I see have horrible posture. I hate to think that they're so self conscious of their height. One of my friends is 5'8, which is not at all monstrous for a girl, and her upper spine already looks like it's starting to curve from slouching to look shorter and like she has a smaller chest. I'm tellin you, if I had her height and boobs I'd be all flauntin' it!

    So what I'm saying is: Good resolution :)

  3. Up, Back, Down with your shoulders. That's what I tell myself when I'm feeling slouchy. It works for me.

  4. Whoa... those people in that second graphic are freaky.

    I sit on the edge of my chair all day... I think it forces me to have good posture. I've been considering replacing my chair with a balance ball. I hear good things about that.

  5. I am SO on board with this. I have TERRIBLE posture. (I was just cowering forward, staring at my laptop screen reading this.)

    I've been TRYING to work at my desk without crossing my legs and it's killing me.

    I have no tips, but I agree with you - it has to be done. And, I too love the small "stretch" feeling you get when you put your shoulders back.

    (I love your new blogger template! Very fun and whimsical and cute. Yet not overly cute. Very nice!)

  6. This is a GREAT resolution.

    I, too, was just hunched over, staring at my screen, while reading this. I blame a lot of my back/neck/posture problems on my giant hoo-has, but truthfully, I just hunch. It's a serious problem.

    Oh, and I also sit on one foot while I'm working. I think it's starting to mess up my lower back.

    I would really like to try sitting on a balance ball, but I'm scared to relinquish my chair at work. (People steal these things like they're made of gold dust and kittens, I swear.) Also, I have horrible balance and am 99 percent sure I would fall over every two minutes.

  7. My sister has a balance ball and she loves it. I am not that ambitious and think it will get really dirty with all the salt and dirt on my floor.