Monday, January 18, 2010

Talk To Me - Tax “This" Edition

So it is that time of year again….tax time. (insert groans of annoyance here)

I hate getting our taxes done and it seems for the past few years we have not got money back and at times have even owed which is just annoying. Of course we might get some money back if it wasn’t for the fact that last year it cost us $245 to get our taxes done from H&R Block. WHAT?!

We are trying to figure out how to get our taxes done this year. On the one hand I find it completely ridiculous to spend that much money to get our taxes done, especially when we are not getting anything or much back and also because our taxes are not that complicated. However, on the flip side, it is nice to know that they are taking care of everything and getting them done correctly and we do not have to worry about making mistakes.

So here is the question - where do you get your taxes done?

Do you go to a place like H&R Block and spend a little extra for the comfort and convenience of getting your taxes done? Do you do it yourself through a program like Turbo Tax with optimism that it is correct? Do you do it the old fashion way and go to an actual account…if so recommendations?


  1. I do ours with Turbo Tax. It's a little scary that you could screw it up but as long as you don't have a lot of complicated accounts to keep track of (ie one job per person, one w-2, that kind of thing) it's not too bad. We haven't been audited... so far.

  2. We used to use Craig's family's accountant. It cost like $75. Then, the year we moved to Meh-he-coe, we used H&R Block because we had to get them done FAST-like and they SCREWED us. We walked in and guy was like, "You guys have to pay a lot."

    He was such an ass.

    Now we use an accountant that "specializes" in ex-pat taxes. (Watch, one day we'll get thrown in jail.)

    That said, if you don't have any complicated tax issues, get some software and do it yourself.

    I also have a friend who's an accountant - do you want me to ask him what he charges? (I went to college with him. He's super nice.)

    Let me know!

    BOO! Taxes blow.

  3. We use Turbo Tax as well and have all years except when my hubby was considered self-employed. We will use it again this year.

  4. i use taxactonline - but i am single, no house (just rent), no assets and just have to report my income and student loan interest. GOOD LUCK!

  5. Have I told you yet that I like your new blog design? Well, I do!

    We go to HR Block and have for years. We don't really like how much it costs, but we do like the peace of mind that comes along with it. One year right after we were married we had a $1,400 mistake on our filing that was caused by us, we just didn't do it right. Big whooops. We had to get on a payment plan with the gov't and everything. It sucked. The next year, we went to HR Block and have not done our taxes ourselves since. This year we may try to find a cheaper alternative to HR Block though.

  6. We use Turbo Tax, just bought it this weekend. We have used a few years now and haven't had a problem, I even had multiple jobs, the house and school loans. It walks you through everything and isn't too hard. The first time you do it you have to print up the papers, sign and mail them in. After that though everything online.

  7. When my taxes were straightforward, I would just e-file on the governments website and they worked pretty well.

    Now that I work two jobs one of which is a 1099 with deductibles and therefore could use the legal help, I found an attorney recommended to me by friends and have used him. He got me a return last year and I paid him $200 but only when I got my return.

    $200 is worth knowing the taxes are done correctly. He provides me with everything that I can file so my records.

    Weird - the word verification is "tanes" one letter away from taXes.

  8. R and I go to a guy in Rossford - $100. We just used him for the first time last year because of building the house and having two house payments and a construction loan, and just a ton of new stuff that I was afraid I'd miss with TurboTax.

    Because he was so inexpensive (my frustration was well worth $100) we'll be taking them back to him. Let me know if you'd like his info.