Saturday, January 23, 2010


I think, no I know, I have a crush on Adam Lambert.

This is him waving at me. Hi Adam, can I be your beard?!

Yes, I am aware I may not be the type of person he fancies but that does not matter. I am also aware that he wears an excessive amount of guyliner, that he is a bit on the glam side of poprock, and that his pants can be tighter than a pair of leggings but there is something I find extremely attractive about him. I love his voice, I like the clothes he wears, I like the glam/rocker edge, he is tall, I like that he is well-spoken in interviews, and YES I think he is really cute. I love him so much I even forced myself to watch Oprah so I could see his interview…that is serious.

I have yet to get his CD, but I have heard many of the songs and they are good…more so he is good. However, I think when he can make a CD he wants it will not be as “pop” and will be more rock and show his amazing vocal skills and that is what I want to hear. However, I did see the video for his single from the soundtrack 2012….awesome. See it HERE.

Here is his latest single.

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On a side note, I was thinking (as a lover of rock music) it is interesting how many women over the years have found those glam/rock artists very attractive and how both gay and straight men have tried that feminine look “for the music”. They have been wearing makeup, spandex and tight sparkly clothes, big hair, being overtly sexual and going to the extreme for years….and it is ok, right, because they are rock stars! People or bands like David Bowie, The Cure, Motley Crue, Poison, Twisted Sister, Kiss, Prince, Van Halen, Stryper (to name a few) have all donned some sort of the glam side and both men and women have adorn them. Of course, that is not to say that I need any justification for having a crush on him, I just be say’n it is interesting how so many people have found that sort of look attractive. I wonder what Freud would have to say about it.

And since I am in the sharing mood, you want to know another crush confession; I had a crush on Tim Curry when he was in The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Yes, I know I may have issues.

I just wanted to be open and honest with my fellow bloggers as I feel that the internet is a safe place to share this information. ;) I also wanted to tell you so incase you come over and see teen beat sized posters of Adam throughout the house you will understand why.

I know I am not the only one with an odd crush. What are yours?!

And for the record, in case you have not met me and my husband and you wonder if I am with someone with that rocker edge, NO my husband is not anywhere close to that. He is a long haired, jeans & t-shirt wearing guy who refuses to even wear chapstick. I guess some weird fantasies should just remain that and not a reality….for now at least.


  1. I love that you had a crush on TIM CURRY!

    This post is so funny to me especially because I have hung out with Terry!

    Bill Murray - I LOVE him as Dr. Venkman.

    That's weird I think. Bill Murray's no sex symbol.

  2. Um, I share your love for Tim Curry in Rocky Horror Picture Show. It's better left unexplored, I think. (Incidentally, I don't find him the least bit attractive without the lipstick and fishnets. Again: Best we don't look at it too closely.)

    And: I was majorly in lurve with Bret Michaels circa 1980s with the full-on makeup and mall hair. Who doesn't like to be able to share lipstick with a guy?

    I will say, though, that Adam Lambert annoys the bejesus out of me. I'm not really sure why.

  3. I applaud you to being able to share something as, um, interesting as this. :-)

    I had a crush on Dave Navarro for awhile. And Jesse James, you know, from Monster Garage. That's probably not normal.

  4. Teen Beat - HAHA! Hilarious!

    My current crush is Ira Glass. A few months ago it was Rob Pattinson. (I still like him but it's not like full-on OMG crush anymore.) I also have a soft spot for Steve Carrell.

  5. I am smiling. In fact, I have smiled throughout this entire post.

    W.K. - I love you.

    That's all.
    Great post. :)